Victims of Circumstance
Produced by Lou Gopal
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Victims of Circumstance

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Victims of Circumstance

Japanese aggression in the Pacific in December 1941 overwhelmed British and American forces in the Far East. The sudden attack of the Philippine Islands on December 8th, 1941, stranded thousands of Americans who now faced an uncertain and frightening future.

Over 3700 businessmen, housewives, school children - whole families who through no fault of their own, were thrown into a set of circumstances which would lead them through three years and one month of starvation, sickness and even death.

They were forced to leave their homes and belongings; forced to leave their friends and way of live to live under the domination and whims of the mighty Imperial Forces of Japan. There were interned within the walls of an old Spanish university which would be called the Santo Tomas Internment Camp.

Their poignant stories commemorate the human spirit and their will to organize and survive or face untold consequences.

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Format: DVD-R