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A gritty award winning New Zealand digital feature film, 1Nite is the debut from Indian born director Amarbir Singh. The film has among its talented ensemble cast, Bruce Hopkins aka " Gamling" from Peter Jacksons Lord Of The Rings. 1Nite is a multilayered urban narrative made in an honest and forthright manner, and features a stunning performance by NZ born Rajiv Varma, playing an immigrant Sikh taxi driver who is struggling to come to terms with his new life. Critics have compared Singhs film to the works of Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Altman and John Cassavettes.
Set in and around one of New Zealands most notorious inner city streets, Karangahape Road, the film has an aesthetic reminiscent of the darkness, wetness, coldness, and loneliness of a thousand city stories. Following a disparate group of locals who experience what will be for most of them, a night of truths and revelations.
Incredibly, 1Nite was made with a crew of 2, Singh and his cinematographer/editor, Cristobal Aruas Lobos, himself a Chilean migrant to NZ. Shot with absolute minimal resources 1nite is an inspiration to all budding film makers and has left critics eager to witness Singhs future work.

Televised Broadcasts:
Arts Channel, New Zealand, 2006

Online at The Lumiere Reader.

Bruce Hopkins, Rajiv Vama, Jon Brazier, Anna Hewlett, David Van Horn, Lauren Jackson, Karlos Drinkwater

Best Technical Conribution to a Digital Feature, New Zealand Screen Directors Guild Film Awards 2005.

Film Festivals:
New Zealand International Film Festival 2004.
Ischia Film Festival Italy 2006

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