The Game of Love and Chance, by Marivaux
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The Game of Love and Chance, by Marivaux

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The Game of Love and Chance, by Marivaux

Orgon and his friend have decided to have their children marry, provided that the young folks take a liking to each other. Silvia has a maid, Lisette, and Dorante has a valet, Arlequin. Dorante decides that he can best observe the character of his fiance? by disguising himself as his own valet and having his valet pretend to be him.

Being a dutiful son, he asks his father's permission-and his father tells Orgon of his plans. When he arrives at Orgon's house, Orgon and Silvia's brother Mario have decided not to let Silvia in on the secret-especially since Silvia has come up with the exact same idea: she and Lisette will disguise themselves as each other, the better to find out what Dorante is like!

Needless to say, things get very complicated very quickly, and the servants fall in love just as their master and mistress do-but everybody thinks they're falling in love across the boundaries of social class--and what will that lead to?

Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux is one of France's best loved playwrights. A contemporary of Moliere, he is the playwright, other than Moliere himself, most often performed at the famous Comedie Francaise.

Televised Broadcasts:
Ann Arbor, Michigan 2003-2004.

Rima M. Yazbeck, Lisa Lauren, J. D. Hennig, Robert Roy, Charles Sutherland, Danny E. Ferman

Title #223501
Format: DVD-R