Yo-Yo Kings
Produced by Lucky-Rose-Films Inc.
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Yo-Yo Kings

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Yo-Yo Kings

"Doc Lucky", Guinness World Record holder for the largest yo-yo collection and yo-yo historian, presents "Yo-Yo Kings" a three part DVD on yo-yos.

"Doc Lucky" takes viewers through the world's largest yo-yo collection, showing strange and bizarre yo-yos that mix drinks, make ice cream, blow bubbles and more. From collectible yo-yos that sell for more than $1000 each to a six foot yo-yo man statue made of over 600 different yo-yos "Doc Lucky" shows the interesting and entertaining side of yo-yo collecting.

In the second section, the top yo-yo players in the world are shown competing in the world yo-yo championships. You may think you know how to play the yo-yo, but can you loop two yo-yos while doing a somersault, can you play a yo-yo not attached to the string, can you make the yo-yo perform with the string not attached to the finger? Well they can and you will be awed.

Finally "Doc Lucky" takes yo-yo newbie's through the basic yo-yo tricks. Want to know how to "walk the dog" or do "rock the baby" well "Doc Lucky" will show you how to do these tricks and more.

A video the entire family can watch and enjoy together about one of the most enduring toys that each generation rediscovers.

Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D., John Meisenhieimer, VII, Jake Meisenheimer, Maximus Meisenheimer, Jacquie Meisenheimer

Title #231600
Format: DVD-R
Yo-Yo Kings
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