Grown Men

Grown Men

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Grown Men

Funny, sexy, sad, bizarre and uplifting. These are the stories recounted in "Grown Men," a comic-drama from Granite Productions.

Old friends regale each other with stories late at night, and in the process reveal what it means to be a grown man ... and demonstrate how far they have to go to become one.

There's Eddie (David Fields) who falls for a lap-dancer ... Bo (Tom Poole), an inpatient on a pass who throws a bachelor party and connects with the mother-of-the-bride ... Daniel (Peter Moore), a renaissance man who tops off the worst day of his life by passing out in a blood bank ... Will (Matthew G. Anderson), the waiter with a story about a blonde and some handcuffs.

All the grown men have stories, and all of them involve women. Even two waitresses, Allison (Kate Eifrig) and Liz (Amy Shomshak) share their tale of their worst blind date with a grown man.

Before the evening is over, the line between truth and fiction becomes blurred, as some characters learn something about themselves ... and the rest go home.

"Grown Men" premiered at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. It was named "Best of the Fest - Best Feature Screenplay" at the Black Point Film Festival in Lake Geneva.

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Peter Moore; David Fields; Tom Poole; Matthew G. Anderson; Amy Shomshak;

'Best of The Fest -- Best Screenplay Award' at the 2003 Black Point Film Festival

Film Festivals:
'Best of The Fest -- Best Screenplay Award' at the 2003 Black Point Film Festival;
2003 Ashland Independent Film Festival;
New York International Independent Film & Video Festival;
2003 Waterfront Film Festival;
2004 Oxford Film Festival;
Tambay Film Festival

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