Breaking All Records
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Breaking All Records

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Breaking All Records

Breaking All Records Synopsis:

Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing industries and sports in the world with over 160 Nations and 50 million participants around the globe. Within this industry, martial arts breaking is considered to be one of the most exciting and awe inspiring events and provides a competitor with the opportunity to test his skill, mental focus, and heart. Smashing through concrete, wood, and sometimes even baseball bats, these human wrecking machines earn recognition amongst other martial arts masters and television viewers worldwide.

Follow Team Bergamo through the trials and successes that have made them the World's Premiere Martial Arts Breaking Team. Breaking All Records is a look at their training, their competition, and most importantly, their camaraderie. With over sixty World, National, and State Championships since 2002 and holding eight World records, Team Bergamo is the dominating force in the spectacle that is martial arts breaking

A journey of normal everyday people pushing themselves to the limits, and what it takes to get there.

Televised Broadcasts:
David Letterman May 2004
ESPN2 1999-Present
Discovery Channel Oct. 2005

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Breaking All Records
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