When Adnan Comes Home
Produced by Storyteller Productions
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When Adnan Comes Home

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When Adnan Comes Home

An Iraqi boy risks his life and freedom for a couple dollars worth of scrap metal...and loses.

Sixteen-year-old Adnan's life was ruined by a tragic sequence of events that landed him in Iraq's criminal justice system under foreign occupation.

Adnan was imprisoned for stealing two meters of electric cable. While he awaited trial, two inmates attempted to escape by starting a fire. Over twenty boys were trapped in the blaze. Of the survivors, Adnan was the most badly burned. On a slow path to an incomplete recovery, Adnan's greatest desire is to be released from prison, return to his family and reconcile with his father.

With extraordinary access to Adnan and his family, WHEN ADNAN COMES HOME reveals a family dynamic that includes abuse and hopelessness alongside love and resilience.

Best Documentary Vail Film Festival 2007

Film Festivals:
Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, IDFA, Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

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When Adnan Comes Home
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