Kamaki - A Summer In Mykonos

Kamaki - A Summer In Mykonos

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Kamaki - A Summer In Mykonos

Part fiction, part mockumentary and part real-life reenactment, Kamaki is the story of a summer in Greece on the famous island of Mykonos.

Kamaki, literally translated, is the Greek word for 'spear'. In colloquial expression however, it has a variety of meanings with no direct English equivalent. Rough translations include 'hustler', 'flirt' and 'tout'. A Kamaki is essentially an individual with the rare ability to convince someone to do something they don't want to do or are not sure of. This could include buying something the Kamaki is selling, doing something the Kamaki's 'victim' isn't convinced is a good idea, or going to bed with the Kamaki.

Although shot in the traditional narrative style, the film is based largely on actual events with most of the main characters playing themselves. Principal members of the cast include a philandering Irish man, an Italian stallion, a charming yet completely immoral Greek boss and a Greek Goddess.

Told through the eyes of 'Sam', a newcomer to the island who is completely out of his depth and largely oblivous to the double dealings of the other characters, Kamaki offers a rare insight into a part of the world few people know exists and even fewer ever get to experience.

Welcome to the life of a Kamaki and the summer in Mykonos...

Michael Aucott, Hermen Reynolds, Guglielmo Ardito, Kostas Tsampas, Anatoli Tsampa, Vivi Yiannoulakou

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