Studio Seconds- The Assistant Sound Engineers Video[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

Studio Seconds- The Assistant Sound Engineers Video[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

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Studio Seconds- The Assistant Sound Engineers Video[NON-US FORMAT, PAL]

Today only major studios have Assistant Engineers. But the skills that they have are essential for anyone operating a studio of any size and will make the difference between an amateur garage studio, and a professional project studio. Tom Lubin, author and presenter of the classic Shaping Your Sound video series (now on DVD) takes the viewer through the many aspects of professional sound studio operations. The first half of the video follows the activities of two assistant engineers as they go about their various jobs in the studio in which they work. The second half provides a step-by-step approach to tape editing and storage, time code, and machine alignment.

This video was made at the same time as the Shaping Your Sound videos, but was produced by the Australian Film Television and Radio School, and was not widely released. Much like the Shaping Your Sound video series continues to be popular because the sound techniques and principles featured in the series remain relevant to today, the procedure and practices in Studio Seconds presents a contemporary standard for studio professionalism. The segments on how to set up a studio, run a session, work with clients and all the other aspects of studio operations are as relevant today as they were when the video was made.

Interestingly, multi-track tape machines remain popular for some people in sound production, and fewer and fewer people know how to align, and maintain them, so that segment will be useful for some. Tape care, handling, and editing, and time-code will also be useful for some.

A great Assistant Sound Engineer is invaluable in helping to keep things running smoothly. At all times they must anticipate but not preempt. Ever present while out of the way. They must demonstrate high technical skills, creative instincts, and diplomacy as they balance their role of representing the studio, all the while assisting the creative process.

For more information on the Shaping Your Sound Series, and other titles by Tom Lubin see

George Peterson, Mix Magazine, Feb. 92

Tom Lubin, Mikey Robbins, Leone Carey, The band "Sweet Ecstasy"

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