Distant Salvage

Distant Salvage

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Distant Salvage

Former soldier Cole Branson wanted nothing more than a quiet, simple life for his family. That dream was shattered in an instant. Now, after learning the terrible truth behind their tragedy, Cole and his daughter, Mallory, must fight to get back all that was taken from them. In a future where the line between good and evil has been erased, the odds will not be in their favor.

Distant Salvage is a 48 minute film that evolved from a father/daughter art project.

The movie was made for as little money as possible, forcing the father/daughter team to create an entire universe from whatever they could find. Despite these limitations, the film has a distinctive look, engaging characters, and a complex story that moves at a brisk pace.

The DVD includes the trailer for the film and 10 minutes of bloopers and outtakes.

Learn more at www.distantsalvage.com

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