LET IT BURN - The Coming Destruction of the USA?
Produced by Robert Carl Cohen
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LET IT BURN - The Coming Destruction of the USA?

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LET IT BURN - The Coming Destruction of the USA?

Dar Es Salaam 1968

In 1956 US Army & Marine Corps vet Robert Franklin Williams attempted to integrate the Monroe, North Carolina swimming pool. When the Ku Klux Klan answered with violence, Williams & other Black vets formed the "Guard" an armed self-defense unit. In 1961 the "Freedom Riders," who'd asked Williams & the Guard not to intervene during pacifist integration efforts in Monroe, were attacked by the KKK. With the Police Chief threatening to hang him, & tanks approaching, Williams fled with his family to New York. Charged with kidnapping & hunted by the FBI, he escaped to Cuba, where he published "The Crusader" & broadcast "Radio Free Dixie," predicting ghetto uprisings & urban guerilla warfare in the USA. In 1965 he moved to China, from where he urged Black GIs in Vietnam to turn their guns against racists in the US. Returning to the US in 1971, he lived in Michigan while fighting the 1961 charges - eventually dropped for lack of evidence. Before his death in 1996, distancing himself from Black
Separatism, he mollified his earlier predictions of an impending race war & became pessimistic about the erosion of the 1960s Civil Rights gains.
Interview Highlights:
The KKK's plan to murder Williams & destroy his NAACP Branch. The kidnapping charges. Why Castro granted Williams asylum. The Communist Party's opposition to his Black Nationalism. Che Guevara's support, & why Guevara left Cuba. Why Williams began advocating revolution. The Cubans who aided the CIA by sabotaging his work. Why he left Cuba for China. His denial that he was a Chinese propagandist. Why Afro-Americans should support Mao Tze Tung. The assassination of the Kennedys & Martin Luther King. His prophecy of the coming destruction of a racially divided USA.

Concerned Citizens, Students of Law, Race Relations, Black History, Cold War, Cuba, China,
Communism, Psychology, Sociology, & Political Science

Interviewer: Robert Carl Cohen, Interviewee: Robert Franklin Williams

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LET IT BURN - The Coming Destruction of the USA?
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