Speaking On Dyslexia
Produced by Girard Sagmiller
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Speaking On Dyslexia

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Dyslexia MY Life

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Speaking On Dyslexia

An interview with Sam Sagmiller on Dyslexia. He is dyslexic and has spent over 15 years promoting greater understanding and appreciation of dyslexia. He speaks on dyslexia and candidly about his struggles growing up and the negative perceptions people had of him. He explains how he overcame being told he was mentally incapable of functioning in school, to go on to achieve a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

He shares with the audience his own creative
techniques and skills used to overcome this
disability. He explains how he learned to live
successfully as a dyslexic.

Mr. Sagmiller has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including Fox News and has been quoted in The Business Journal and USA Today.
He has also lectured internationally for countless Teacher workshops, classroom discussions, Notre Dame, Learning
Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. (LDW), Learning
Disability Association (LDA), International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and Michigan Dyslexia
Institute(MDI). He is also the author of DT Publishing's best selling Autobiographic book, DYSLEXIA MY LIFE. The book won teacher's pick award.
Mr. Sagmiller is a motivational speaker for small to Fortune 500 Corporations.
Mr Sagmiller has authored award winning published stories / articles on learning disabilities. As well as being a Guest/keynote
speaker at the International, State and Regional
learning disability conferences. And winner of the Ronald E. Weger award for public awareness of dyslexia.
He is a member of Learning Disability Association and a Member of the International Dyslexia Association.
He servers as board member for Kansas/Western
Missouri Branch of Internal Dyslexia Association and President of the board and co-founder for The Gifted Learning Project both (501(3)c) organization.

Mr. Sagmiller's interview will deeply touch you. It will remind you that everyone, whether having been diagnosed with a learning disability or not, can benefit from learning how to deal with the obstacles that threaten to hold them back in life.
for Speaking On Dyslexia

As reviewed by Ellen Tanner Marsh, a New York Times best-selling author

With honesty and grace, Sagmiller tells the story of his own battle with dyslexia and the many challenges he had to overcome and how. Growing up in the 1960s, he faced uncaring teachers and worried, angry parents who didn't know any better in dealing with an affliction that we now know affects one in five children. But Sagmiller never gave up, persevering against considerable odds to attend college, get a job and find his niche.

This is an important DVD for anyone struggling with dyslexia, for teachers of dyslexic students and for families with a dyslexic loved one. The message here is clear: even dyslexics can flourish in school and in everyday life and succeed in careers of choice.

Girard Sagmiller not only overcame his disability, he triumphed. And here, in this wise and inspiring DVD, he shows an insightful path for others to triumph as well.

G. Sagmiller, Ms Brown

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Speaking On Dyslexia
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