Wholesale Souls, Inc.
Produced by Andrew Gingerich
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Wholesale Souls, Inc.

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Wholesale Souls, Inc.

Wholesale Souls, Inc., Andrew Gingerich's feature directorial debut, is a modern-day tragic comedy on a personal scale. High school student James Young (Gregory Ley) sells his soul over the internet for a little extra spending money. But when it is purchased by a company known as Wholesale Souls, Inc., James tries to track down and buy it back.

After frustrating encounters with Wholesale Souls, Inc. executive Stan McReynolds (Stan McReynolds), a man who may or may not be Satan incarnate, James grows increasingly paranoid and his relationship with his friends (Evan Riffe, Arin Baun, Erin Ray, Micah Buchele-Collins) becomes strained.

Surrounded more and more by hallucinatory suspicions and personal tragedy, James makes a decision that will change his life and the lives of his friends forever.

Featuring a talented ensemble cast and shot on location and in a functioning Colorado high school, this dark tragicomedy has a heart of gold. This two-disc video release features three making-of documentaries, unedited rushes, audio commentaries and extensive DVD-ROM content.

Gregory Ley, Stan McReynolds, Evan Riffe, Arin Baun, Erin Ray, Micah Buchele-Collins, Parker Cagle-Smith

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Wholesale Souls, Inc.
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