Chuck Olin Memorial DVD (Autobiography)
Produced by Christopher Olin
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Chuck Olin Memorial DVD (Autobiography)

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Chuck Olin Memorial DVD (Autobiography)

In November 2004, I asked my father to tell me his life story so that I would have it to share with his grandchildren.

In this autobiography, Chuck shares his family history, his childhood memories, his experience in the family business, his film career, and what he learned and loved about making movies.

The DVD also includes photo slideshows of Chuck and of the memorial service in Stinson Beach, his wishes to his grandkids on their 18th birthdays, and a few scenes from three of his films.

A special thanks to Clint Graves Photography for the wonderful photos of the Stinson memorial.

NOTE: This DVD is "home made" and may not play on older DVD players. If it doesn't play, try a newer player or watch it on a computer DVD player.

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Chuck Olin Memorial DVD (Autobiography)
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