PC03: Millefiori Basics
Produced by MindStorm Productions
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PC03: Millefiori Basics

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PC03: Millefiori Basics

Enter the world of millefiori canes, a technique borrowed from ancient glassworkers. Let Master Polymer Clay Artisan, Donna Kato, show you how to simulate stained glass or batik fabric; make jellyrolls and rainbow checkerboard patterns; create a flower cane, then ?reduce? or miniaturize the picture; and for fun, learn how to make a watermelon.

The cane slices are then applied to a finished project, Donna?s special stubby pen. A superb introduction to this popular technique using the new clays that simply ?cure? in your home oven within minutes.

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Format: DVD-R
PC03: Millefiori Basics
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