PC07: Advanced Millefiori 1
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PC07: Advanced Millefiori 1

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PC07: Advanced Millefiori 1

Learn how to create a variety of intricate Millefiori designs. Make woven canes, cathedral glass, sunflower, rose and leaf, and attractive butterfly canes using Skinner shaded rods of color. Take the mystery out of making the complex Millefiori (?a thousand flowers?) designs, one of the most popular polymer clay techniques developed by ancient glassworkers.

Let Marie Segal, a published author and one of the pioneers of the new clays, demonstrate advanced Millefiori techniques using short cuts that she has developed in her factory to make exquisite-looking canes. You can also apply some of these canes to actual projects, an angel vessel and beads. A MUST HAVE resource for advanced polymer clay enthusiasts.

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Format: DVD-R
PC07: Advanced Millefiori 1
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