PC08: Advanced Millefiori 2
Produced by MindStorm Productions
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PC08: Advanced Millefiori 2

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PC08: Advanced Millefiori 2

A sequel for those who want to create more advanced Millefiori designs. Learn how to make face canes, lacy spider web designs, decorative plaid patterns, intricate moon & stars canes, then personalize your projects with a signature cane.

Let Marie Segal, a published author that has been featured in televised crafts shows, demonstrate advanced Millefiori techniques using short cuts that she has developed in her factory to make complex yet exquisite-looking canes. You can also apply what you learn to actual projects, covering a vessel and beadmaking. A MUST HAVE resource for advanced polymer clay enthusiasts.

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Format: DVD-R
PC08: Advanced Millefiori 2
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