PK02: Goodie Boxes
Produced by MindStorm Productions
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PK02: Goodie Boxes

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PK02: Goodie Boxes

Store your treasures in a goodie box you can make for yourself. You can put in marbles, jewelry, and even dead bugs! The goodie boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You can make one from coils of clay, thick sheets, or wrapped around a cardboard box, then bake it right in your oven, and it's ready to use.

Let Kris Richards, professional artist, cartoonist, craft designer and author of several instructional books on polymer clay, also show you ways to decorate your goodie box with canes, rubber stamps, cookie cutters, sculpted bumblebees and even drawings. A FUN tape for kids and adults of all ages to begin working with polymer clay.

Title #204638
Format: DVD-R
PK02: Goodie Boxes
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