Producer/Directer: Stephen Arthur
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Reminiscent of extreme IMAX films, Tran Scan is a road-trip experience never before captured on camera. A film without words.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tran Scan uses a new technique of telescopic, traveling time-lapse, from the point of view of the traveler, fixed on the landscape ahead. We traverse the Trans-Canada Highway in a continuous, seamless "flight" from Pacific to Atlantic in 8 minutes non-stop. A breakthrough in "virtual cinematography" allows us to travel at 5,700 km/h (3,500 mph) in a smoothly viewable fashion never before attained. The land becomes alive.
- "Reveals nothing short of a new way of seeing." - The Blinding Light!

GEOGRAPHY: Don't look for momentary signposts; go with the flow and you'll be left with a sense of the whole continent as if you had driven it yourself.

TECHNICAL NOTE: No motion picture camera of any kind was used in the making of this film. Frame-by-frame "re-animation" took 18 months at a cost of $100,000. The soundtrack was painstakingly constructed from scratch with sound effects that are synchronized with the movements. Most people think it's a real-time film.

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PRICE INCLUDES Public Performance Rights as long as no entry fee is charged. No import duty is charged on this item in Canada or USA.

ANAMORPHIC (16:9) WIDESCREEN FORMAT. Will automatically play in letterbox format on a regular TV.

Produced and directed by Stephen Arthur with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, 2002-2003. Arthur directed the National Film Board of Canada production "Transfigured."

"You'd be hard-pressed to learn more about the lay of this country's land in 480 seconds." (The National Post)

"A swift, elegant and mysterious time-lapse drive across Canada during which the point of view magically remains constant to the horizon." (Northwest Film/Video Festival, Portland, WA, USA)

"If you enjoy films like Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi you'll enjoy this film very much."
(Rene Beland, TimeLapse Digital Inc.)

'Silver Remi' Award for Cinematography -
37th WorldFest-Huston Int'l Independent Film Festival, USA;

Jury Award (Experimental) -
Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival (Canada's Golden Sheaf Awards)

Film Festivals:
World premier: Tampere 34th International Short Film Festival, Finland ('04)

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto ('04)

Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto ('04)

Cinema Tout Ecran, International Film & Television Festival, Geneva:
XIII International Short Film Selection Switzerland ('04)

Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin ('04)

The 42nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, USA ('04)

49th Cork Film Festival, Ireland ('04)

24th Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Canada ('04)

Vancouver International Digital Festival, Canada ('04)

Edmonton International Film Festival, Alberta, Canada ('04)

31th Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland, OR, USA ('04)

7th Annual Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth, Vancouver ('05)

Festival de cinéma des 3 Amériques, Quebec City ('05)

Detroit Docs International Film Festival, USA ('05)

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