>bt: The Brain Terminal Video Set
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>bt: The Brain Terminal Video Set

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>bt: The Brain Terminal Video Set

Shown on Fox News Channel and praised by Rush Limbaugh, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity and other media powerhouses, the Brain Terminal videos have been seen and heard by millions on TV, radio and the Internet.

"This is from Evan Coyne Maloney, the brilliant young man who took his video camcorder out amongst the protesters in New York, and asked them questions, the answers to which served as profound embarrasment to themselves, whether they knew it or not. We played three soundbites from Evan's work, his work also showed up on Brit Hume's show on the Fox News Channel."

-Rush Limbaugh (on The Rush Limbaugh Show)

"[Evan] makes the best, most revealing mini-documentaries about the left. Period."

-Jonah Goldberg (National Review)

"Check out Evan Coyne Maloney's hilarious video..."

-James Taranto (The Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web Today")

"[B]e sure you watch Evan Coyne Maloney's antiwar protest [video]. I think web video journalism is the wave of the future. This is proof."

-Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit.com)

"Glenn Reynolds has been saying for some time that multimedia dispatches such as Maloney's are the next big thing on the web. He doesn't look wrong."

-Jonathan V. Last (The Weekly Standard)


Evan Coyne Maloney

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