Climbing Whitney in Winter - The Mountaineer's Route
Produced, Written and Directed by James Lee
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Climbing Whitney in Winter - The Mountaineer's Route

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Climbing Whitney in Winter - The Mountaineer's Route

Experience Whitney in Winter on DVD! In California's Inyo National Forest and Sequoia National Park, the Mount Whitney area is one of the most popular trail areas in the United States. The summit of Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the "Lower 48" at 14,496 feet above sea level. Thousands of hikers and climbers visit the area every year. However, a few venture into the area during wintertime and even fewer take the more challenging Mountaineer's Route first climbed by John Muir in 1873. Most visitors take the more gentle (but still challenging!) Mount Whitney Trail. The first winter ascent of the Mountaineer's Route was accomplished by Orlando Bartholomew in 1929.

Reaching the Mount Whitney summit requires knowledge of the route and sufficient training and preparation. Produced, written and directed by James Lee with exceptional narration by Paul Trembley, this DVD (the first ever on Mount Whitney) seamlessly provides an overview of the breathtaking route, scenes along important landmarks and descriptions of some of the essential equipment required. Containing actual footage from a winter climb, this video transports the viewer to the top of the continental U.S. in a classic Sierra setting.

Note: Hiking, climbing and mountaineering carry inherent risks and extra care and precaution should be taken before entering isolated and exposed areas. Adequate preparation and physical conditioning is presumed before hiking or climbing anywhere. This film provides pertinent and helpful information on Mount Whitney but does not replace formal training by a qualified mountaineering instructor. Permits from the National Forest Service are required to enter the Whitney Zone.

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Climbing Whitney in Winter - The Mountaineer's Route
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