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Get the creative advantage with our free Preview Tool, and find out what others think of your content.

Soliciting feedback is an integral part of the creative process. Discover how Preview can benefit your projects with thought-provoking comments and insights. Create a Preview today!

To create a Preview, simply upload an excerpt of your book, music, or film, ask specific questions, and circulate your project to friends, family, and colleagues.

Use Preview to:

Customize your feedback by adding your own questions and prompts.

Share your Preview with specific Community members, select friends and family via e-mail, or post your Preview publicly to get feedback from a wider audience.

Refine Your Work based on meaningful input and insights.

Give Feedback on Previews and discover new works created by other CreateSpace members.

To set up your own Preview:

  1. From your Member Dashboard, click the Manage Previews link in the My Account navigation.
  2. Click the Create a Preview button.
  3. Choose which type of Preview you want to make.
  4. Complete your Preview in three easy steps.

Learn more about Preview

Browse member works in the Preview Gallery, or learn more by watching our Preview video tutorial.