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Hi everyone,


Fingerface is a feature-length romantic comedy, more comedy than romance, about an ordinary guy who falls in love with his dream girl and then meets her in real life. Small in budget but big on ambition, the film is set in exotic locations around the world and features some of the finest and most convincing pirates, estate agents, cult leaders, convicts and guitar pickers ever drawn together.


Here are some reviews:


'Andrew Dawson uses just his own fingers and some brilliant hand drawn backdrops to create this low-budget masterpiece' - UK Film Review

'The fact that this is made entirely by one person is awe inspiring' - Combustible Reviews

'When it comes to low-budget films, it's possible that Andrew Dawson managed to break the mold' - Movies Films and Movies


'It was well made, well written and best of all - had a feel good vibe. I laughed out loud a fair few times and actually caught myself rooting for characters (fingers) and similarly - hating them too. And I really loved the music.' - Emmakwall (Emma Explains All)


Fingerface also won Best Screenplay at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.


Check it out!


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Heaven is the place where God dwells,

Let me rephrase that, in the hearts of believers and on the earth is where
God also dwells.
God is The Creator of heaven and ****,
But He created **** for the devil and those demons that rebelled.
They rebelled against God while in heaven as angels,
They are now referred to as demons or fallen angels.
God created **** to punish them,
But God created heaven for you and me my friend.
Heaven is a place with no death, disease, suffering, and pain,
So please trust in Jesus Christ the giver of eternal life
And The Comforter who brings comfort and takes away the pain.
Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven,
Jesus is God and He loves you my brethren.
The devil got kicked out of heaven and is now **** bound,
Please don't listen to Lucifer; he's trying to lead you away
From God and heaven and your heavenly crown.
Works can't get us to heaven,
Faith in Jesus is the way to heaven.
God the Father sent God the Son to die on the cross,
Through Jesus the work is done He died to save the lost.
Jesus rose from the grave to prepare a place for us in heaven,
So I beg of you allow Jesus into your heart and you can have heaven.
God never intended for us (mankind) to die,
Satan hates mankind and is a thief and murderer
This is true and not a lie.
Heaven isn't segregated,
Heaven is fully integrated.
Whatever our skin color or race,
Heaven is a place made for the human race.
Whether we are rich or from the suburbs,
Or whether we are poor or from the ghetto,
Jesus Christ has an open invite to follow
Him to heaven where there are many mansions prepared for those willing
To trust in Him till we leave this earth.
So may I ask, do you want eternal peace and rest
And to be forever blessed?
Then trust in Jesus, Son of God and you can have heaven.
He loves you dearly and He's the way to heaven my brethren.


A Few Links to Poems on This Blog:
(Just Listen !!!)

(Please Don't Do It (Jesus Loves You)


(As Real As the Wind)


(Felling Good About Yourself (Self-Esteem))

A Few Links to This Book Online:





(Amazon UK)


(Amazon Canada)









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My Book Of Poems

Posted by shame Nov 9, 2015

Hello Everyone!

My Book of Poems, consist some real poems of my life, and the rest fiction. The reader should be able to figure out the real from the fiction.  Anyway, my book is an enjoyable book for all age groups to read.  The book is not many pages, it's an easy read book.  If you read my book, I'll read yours and my even buy it.  The link:

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The Candyman Series

Posted by Scianna Nov 3, 2015

This is a new series I have written. I have gotten 2 books already written. I have worked on this book series since 1996. Wat I really love is becoming a self publisher. That way you can know my words, not some companiy's idea of how my book/s should speak to you. This comes from my soul. So here goes my introduction....


Book 1:







Come into the awesome world of Mr. Aushua, candy maker extraordinaire!


His candy is just scrumptious but be forewarned, he is a bit of an inventor and sometimes even on the side of the EXTREME.


Also  meet Archie, an average boy who just happened to wonder into Mr.  Aushua's estate one day. Archie has a problem. Can Mr. Aushua help him?  Archie's school teacher, Miss Jens, seems to think so.


Oh and I  have not forgotten to add a nasty intended villain because villains  just make the story better, do they not? But even Sloshhorn is no match  for the zany doings of Mr. Aushua's wonderful contraptions.



Createspace Estore:



Book 2:







The Candyman plans to remain on the new uncharted world to find out more about the  mysterious rainbow. Is there really a pot of gold waiting for him at the  end, or something quite terrible?


Createspace Estore:



If you wish to own this in ebook format, please visit my homepage:

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Posted by lud15agAIN Oct 30, 2015


My  name  is  Liam  Leddy  and  I  live  in  Glasgow  Scotland  U.K  I  write  60`era  Glasgow  crime  fiction.  Novels  Body  Language  and  Bad  Form  Short  story  collections  Scottish  Tales,  Cautionary  Tales,  Aiding  and  Abetting,  Ticket  Tales,  Tales  of  Dedication  Face  Value  and  other  Tales. There  are  also  lot  of  individual  short  stories  I  have  written  out  there  somewhere  in various magazines  and  other  publications

And  finally  the  why.  I  have  lived  in  Glasgow  all  my  life  and  love  the  city.  Write  what  you  know  they  told  me.

Oh  and  incidentally.  I  have  today  cut  the  prices  on  all  of  my  Createspace  books  by  50%  or  more!  That`s  right  50%  and  upwards



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Les hommes qui croient que l'argent peut tout acheter s'exposent à de grands dangers ... Ce riche collectionneur anglais est prêt à enfreindre les lois et à commettre un sacrilège pour acquérir un objet consacré au dieu hindouiste Shiva. Tout son entourage est touché par l'atmosphère malsaine qu'il crée : son amie, qui a les pieds sur terre et qui est prévenue par ses animaux, son employée, une fervente catholique irlandaise qui craint pour sa petite fille. Son château, son entreprise, qu'il tient de sa famille et qu'il croit éternels ... tout est bâti sur du sable quand on fâche le dieu !

Micheline Cumant : La Vengeance de Shiva. Publié sur Create Space le 25/08/2015 et disponible en livre papier et en e-book.

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On This Day in 1962: MEMO regarding hostage negotiations and the Cuban Missile Crisis. A preview of the first part of my book is now available at



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The Twisted Mr. Bendy

Posted by Damiencage Oct 24, 2015

Kate Green is running against her classmate and rival, Beth Clouse. Kate's mother gets her daughter a wishing diary for her birthday. Whatever she writes in the diary, will come true. When she wishes Beth would just go away, she does, and Kate must do what he can to save her from her captor, The Twisted Mr. Bendy!

Heads up, this is a screenplay for a short film!

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A Hobby turned into a profession

Posted by jfarr Oct 20, 2015

I enjoy science and I enjoy teaching. My three textbooks are for three very different grades.  "A Natural Hiostory of L.I.,N.Y."by James W. Farr or Little Beaver is a book on It was puiblished in 1998.The second textbook"Gross Production and Evolution.Vol2.Ed.4.The Role of Transient spp. A Primer"is an e-book on Kindle. It is seventy pages long. Finally "A Study Epigenetics and Epigenetic Rules." Is six pages long but followws the international code on scientific research in genetics.  Enjoy my books. See my resume and history on the url below:

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1.1.          Non-Profit-oriented Organizations



Charities, clubs, societies, associations and other non-profit oriented organizations do not prepare income statements because their objectives are not to make profits. Their members only come together to undertake things in common. They do things such as playing football, table tennis, golf, and do other legal things together.




Non-profit-oriented organizations can also be referred to as non-trading organizations. They include churches, Mosques, Clubs, Societies and other charitable organizations. They derive their income from any or combinations of the following:


a.      Subscription


b.     Membership fee


c.      Fines


d.     Subventions


e.      Investment income


f.      Donations from public or government


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Posted by accountinghour Oct 6, 2015

What the business owns minus what the business owed will be equal to the capital. The equation which shows what the business owns, what the business owed and the net worth or owners' equity is called accounting equation.   The following two statements are important if you are setting up a business:  1) You have to contribute personal financial resources for the starting up of the business.  2) You can also obtain fund from external sources.  Where statement "1" alone is applicable and statement "2" is excluded in setting up a business; we say a business is financed by capital contributed by the owner. This can be demonstrated by:  Resources in the business = Resources supplied by the owner    The financial resources contributed by the owner of the business are called capital while the summation of all financial resources in the business is referred to as Assets.  The accounting equation where a business is financed by capital contributed by the owner is:  Assets = Capital  It means that the whole business is solely financed by the owner of the business.  Where statement "1" and statement two above are applicable together, the accounting equation will change to:  Assets = Capital + Liabilities    Liabilities are the funds provided by the people other than the owner of the business. The owner of the business is indebted to the provider of the finance and hence he has to pay them back.    From the above, we can conclude that total assets can be divided into the financial resources supplied by the owner of the business and funds contributed by people other than the owner of the business. The two sides of every accounting equation will always be equal to each other no matter how you present it. The equation is the basis for double entry principles in accounting.

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Hello. This is author Doug Robbins. Yes, my book The Bizarre Life of Edgar Strange is kooky. Edgar practices voodoo, he sleeps in a coffin, etc....

He is also a twelve year old boy, who unapolegetically is himself. Plenty of adults are not comfortable in their own skin- let alone children, and I truly feel, this book will teach everyone of all ages to be comfortable in his or her own skin!
And readers may learn a little something about friendships as well. 


Edgar is the outcast, but at twelve years old, he's brave enough to be who he is, and that's someone we can all admire!

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I Am Black America

Posted by Lahleet Sep 28, 2015


I would like to invite you to Preview my new book I Am Black America.  .

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Posted by accountinghour Sep 25, 2015

Accounting Equation  Accounting equation is an appropriate equation that demonstrates the principle of double entry bookkeeping.  Accounting equation can be demonstrated below:  1. Assets = Capital + Liabilities  2. Assets = Owners’ equity + Liabilities  3. Assets = Shareholder’s Equity + Liabilities  Accounting equation can be defined in any of the above equation but depending on the type of ownership of business. The equation one is a general accounting equation. Equation two is meant for a sole proprietorship business while equation three is meant for limited liability’s company.  What the business owns minus what the business owed will be equal to the capital. The equation which shows what the business owns, what the business owed and the net worth or owners' equity is called accounting equation.

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                                                                        The Two Witnesses


Look here they come.  Can you see them?  Yes I see them now.  My, don't they shine?  Yes they shine because they are also called lamp stands because they shed light on a dark world.  They are the anointed ones.  God has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so that they will not see the light of the gospel.  The judgment of the world is near.  It is up to the two witnesses to expose Satan and his evil government for what he is.  They will show the people of the world the truth and there is no truth in Satan.  For many it will be too late and they will not listen.  This is a major turning point for mankind Juan said to Peter.


Can you hear their voice?  They are speaking in one tongue yet everyone from all over the world can hear in their own language.  Man that is wonderful Juan said.  Yes this is unbelievable Peter replied.  I want to get closer Juan said.  No, you may get killed.  Juan and Peter moved a little closer for a better look.  The place was really getting crowded now.  There were a lot of boo's from the congregation that gathered.  They were pushing and shoving.  Juan said I can't hear over all this noise I must get closer.  No Juan, said Peter you may be killed by their fire.


Peter didn't want to lose his best friend in the crowd so he followed Juan to get closer.  Which one do you think is Elijah and which is Enoch Juan asked.  I don't know replied Peter.  How do you know who they are?  The Bible said everyone must die a physical death but God took these two up in a whirlwind so he must have had a special mission for them and this is it.  While they were alive they were special to God and they walked with Him.  In Malachi it says that Elijah the prophet would be sent before the coming of the Lord on that great and dreadful day.  It also says that Elijah will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.


Did you see that Peter?  Fire came out of one of the witness's mouth and killed the man that ran towards the other witness.  What was going through that man's mind?  Didn't he know that anyone who attempts to harm them they will be killed by fire?  Are you sure we are safe here Peter asked.  Juan looked at him but could get nothing to come out of his mouth.  Then he said we must stay and watch for they will only be here for a short while.


I thought they had three and a half years to prophesy asked Peter.  Yes Juan said but that time will go fast and be here before you know it.  I want to hear and see everything they do.  Ok but don't get too close I don't want to turn into a crispy critter, ok?  Oh no the sky is darkening, what's going on Peter asked Juan.  I'm not sure but they have the power to allow plagues on the earth similar to those during Moses' days.  They have the power to stop all rain and turn the waters into blood.


Wow the forty two months are up today Juan said.  Today is the day that no one will be safe anywhere.  This is the day the great tribulation will begin.  What do you mean Peter asked?  When the two witnesses? are killed everyone will rejoice and give gifts because the two witnesses gave them so much grief for the last three and a half years.  The antichrist will set himself up in the New Temple and claim to be God.  But they will give the two witnesses a descent burial won't they?  Oh no they let their dead bodies lay in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days.  But it doesn't end there.  After the three and a half days God calls them home and they come to life and ascend up to Heaven while the people who witness it will be struck with fear.  Wouldn?t it be better if they just buried them and forgot about them?  Oh no they are too afraid.  They need to see for themselves that they are dead.  Remember Jesus?  People had said he would rise in three days and after those three days his body came up missing.  Those that know the truth know he had risen to finish the will of his father.  Then there are those that want to make sure it doesn't happen again.


In the same hour a great earthquake will occur and kill seven thousand men and destroy one tenth of the city of Jerusalem.  This is the start of the second part of the tribulation most people call the Great Tribulation.  Things really get bad now.  Jerusalem is as sinful as Sodom in her days before the Lord destroyed her for sexual immorality.  The Jews will be fighting for their right to survive because the Arabs want them exterminated.  But why asked Peter?  It goes back to Ishmael and Isaac.


The Arabs feel the land belongs to Ishmael's descendents because he was the first born even though he was born out of wedlock.  You see Sarai was too old to have children and had her husband Abram go onto her maid servant and have a child.  But God had his own plans and promised him a son that he would establish an everlasting covenant with him and his seed after him.  He didn't forget about Ishmael.  He was promised to father a nation which today is the Arab nation.  But Isaac was the chosen one for Israel.  Ah I see said Peter; it's like two kids squabbling over their parent's inheritance and rights.  Yes that is pretty much it Juan said.


We are now in between the second and third woe.  Things are going to get pretty ugly.  Now would be a good time to go hide out like a mole underground Juan said.  It won't be long before the antichrist will force the mark and start chopping heads off with the guillotines.  Let us go pray and ready ourselves to meet our Father in heaven.  Peter agreed and the left they turmoil behind them.

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