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Posted by CEfromBPT Oct 10, 2015

Just like my first novel, (YELLOW MILL RIVER) I have returned to createspace to self-publish my second street novel, SILENT CRY: The Dirty Version. Since this is my second time aroud the rodeo, hopefully, I can do things different as far as getting my new book  out to the masses. Once again, I have put together an exciting street novel that  readers will both enjoy and find exciting. With YMR, I did very well in my home town. Hopefully, I can get this new one to the right eyes and the world can enjoy these exciting depictions of gangsters and hustlers. If you're looking for a love story or a feel good coming of age story; this is not the book for you. But, if you seek non-stop action and a gruesome ending you'll never forget; read SILENT CRY: The Dirty Version.

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Keeping Focus!

Posted by annija Oct 9, 2015

I find that I'm having a hard time focusing on the project at hand. I'm in the middle of revising my first book but I already have a second book that I am still drafting and the title for my third book already! Have any of you went through this?


I'm happy that my mind is overflowing with how I want my books written but I also see that I had to learn to slow down and take my time here. The reason that I'm revising my first book is because of my over zealousness. I had a more experienced author point out the most basic thing in my book that I should have noticed up front and that was the paragraghs! After I finally sat down and read my book I had to laugh at myself for rushing to put my book out there on the market to sell. Not only am I glad that nobody brought my book but this in itself is a lesson for me to learn not only to take my time and write my book correctly but to also think about the customers who would want to pay money for my product!


I'm would like to thank the more experienced authors for pointing out my errors. Not only am I taking my time in revising my book and doing it correctly but also to not be in a rush to " make a quick buck." That is not what I set out to do!

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Substantiating the journey of my first two books


I started  writing some years back as a therapy, which gradually turned into my  first book renamed ‘Assigned From Beyond.’ At the time, I felt like a  pregnant mother about to give birth, as it was as though I would explode  with the myriad of past impressions, that were haunting my mind like  adverts on a film reel. It all descended on me like a burst dam and all I  could do, was to keep writing whatever came through and trusting that  flow. I didn’t judge myself in the process, as that’s one of the worst  things a writer can do. I find that it creates subtle mental blockages.  When I satiated all that needed to be expelled from within me, I began  to fine tune it all. It was by no means an easy journey, as I was  extremely trammeled by various external factors as well.

     By the time I  reached a place where I was approaching different publishers, who  mostly of course, compensated my painstaking effort with endless  rejection letters or exacting fees towards publishing my work, I by  then, felled victim to a harrowing problem with my head. This naturally,  suspended any further literary engagements for a good few years in  which, what I experienced unequaled ****; unable to walk, unable to  speak. It didn’t help matters, when in the midst of all this turmoil, my  13 years relationship ended, as my partner walked out on me to find  someone else, soon after.

     I literally  crawled myself back into a state of activity, as my surroundings didn’t  allow me to simply get well. Shooting down the moon, I finally ended up  composing my second manuscript renamed ‘Fate’s Mantra’ again as a coping  mechanism to deal with all the traumas and what wasn’t far from PTSD.Reliving the  past, I attempted several publishers who rewarded me with practically  the same responses as I initially encountered with the first manuscript.  By this time, I resigned any further endeavours towards the publishing  industry, which assumed itself to be Goliath and I, David.I began to  fully concentrate what was left of my debilitated energy into getting  well.

     Having  authored two books under such excruciating and incredulous  circumstances, I forgive myself for any imperfections that the reader’s  eyes may catch. I had to do it all myself, with limited and challenged  faculties. But I did it with the idea, that essence is more important  than form, when one is faced with such intractable situations. I did my  best and that’s all anyone can do, really.


Lorem ipsum “Neither is there anyone who loves, pursues or desires pain itself because it is pain”.


My last words for any new writer:

Just take  the first step and pen down a few words at a time about what you believe  in. Chances are, others will believe in it too. Not everyone will like  or compliment your work, as that’s just the nature of the world. You  cannot please everyone. Never judge yourself as you are writing. Trust  what is coming through, as you can always go back to proofing your work  when you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do. Be patient with  yourself, because it takes time and perseverance to accomplish anything.

     It’s good to  have a dream, but keep it realistic. Don’t write to become the next  millionaire author, because it’s very unlikely many of us ever will. But  simply write because it’s what you love to do. If it’s meant to be  published, that will take its own natural course. You just do the work  and the rest will unfold in time. When you’ve reached thus far as to  start approaching publishers (if you don’t take the self-publishing  route), never start doubting your ability to write, because of rejection  letters. Try not to take it personal and do remember to inquire if  publishers charge an author fee.

I can’t  stress enough to have someone other than yourself, (preferably someone  with a good acumen of the English language) looking at your finished  draft. You would have to be that exceptional a writer, to spot your own  flaws and mistakes. Keep going; you never know where the journey will  take you.


All the very best on your journey and wishing you all success

My third book called Sattvic Health tips and Know-Hows, will be out by the end of October.

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New to the community

Posted by Lastwords189 Sep 29, 2015

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say hello, although I have used createspace to create a couple of my books that I have published myself, this is the first time I've been on the community area.  Honestly I didn't check it out enough the last time.  My latest book is called The Cabin.  If you get a minute and check it out, it's a short read, the link is at the bottom.  I will return the favor of course.  .99 cents on Amazon Kindle and Ibooks. 




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I would like to have another introduce me though his  review of my book, "Final Warning."

Rev. Ralph Dunn B.Th.

Senior Pastor

The Bridegroom’s House

Kitchener, Ont. Canada

“Final Warning,” is a critical exposé, on the deceptions of Satan, for the true blood bought, blood washed, children of God, the end time church and the whole world.

It carries the reader through a wide range of subjects building ion a crescendo of excitement with every page turned. Skillfully, George Jenkins carries through world events and right into the last days on earth. Along the way he blows the whistle, on false doctrine, false manifestations of the presence of Christ, false forms of ministry practiced, false apostles, prophets and teachers in the church today. He opens up to the reader the truth on many of the so-called manifestations flying around in renewal circles.

In this work, Satan is totally exposed for who and what he is, the master of deception, so cunning that even the elect are in danger!

It confronts the failure of the Bible prophet, Balaam and brings out the serious warnings of Scripture against, “The way of Balaam,” a readiness to prostitute his higher spiritual gifts and privileges for personal gain. “The error of Balaam,” a willingness to compromise his own morality and truth for popularity and “The doctrine of Balaam,” the use of position and influence to persuade others that they can compromise standards and truth for false manifestations of Jesus. This is nothing less than spiritual adultery.

-    The signs of the heavens are clearly presented!

-  When you have seen the manifest glory of God come down in a service, where ministry ceased and a victory dance explode, why, cheap misrepresentations like golden glitter, orbs of light, angel feathers can never replace His presence.

“Final Warning,” is a compassionate cry from the broken heart of a man of God, a true prophet, willing to confront, to expose, and to risk popularity for the truth, for God’s glory!

The cry is to wake up! Wake up believer! Wake up church! Be alert! Be on guard! Satan as a roaring lion goes about seeking to devour all he can.

George shows us what to do if we discover our church caught in deception. Recognize these deceptions for what they are from the whole counsel of the Word of God! Reject these deceptions out of hand! Repent where needed and return to the true gospel, the true Jesus, to true worship and to the true program of God in these final hours!

“Final Warning,” I could not put the book down. Page after page is filled with mysterious excitement leading to the exposure of the beast and false prophet of Revelation. Turning the last page of the book, I was compelled to look up, convinced that the end is here! The trumpet is about to sound! This is a must-read book for every believer!


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New to the community!

Posted by chillernight Sep 28, 2015

Hi, everyone!  My name is Bryan Hogue from Oil City, PA.  I'm new to Createspace and to the Community!  I've just had my book printed, "Chiller Night - The Spirit of Halloween", which I plan to be the first in the Chiller Night book series for young readers. The book features a character of mine who has been a feature creature in my haunted houses and the host of a weekly horror show on our local TV channel.  Hopefully some of you will get the chance to check it out for this Halloween season.


Chiller Night BOOK cover FINAL.jpg

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Hello... I finally did it. 

Posted by Mappers Sep 27, 2015

I think I am ready to begin writting my first book.  This is a new journey for me.  I am both excited and nervous at the same time..

I have everything down in outline form. Now i need to get it into reading form.  Suggestions are welcomed and very valued

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Greetings from Scotland

Posted by SashaDiva Sep 27, 2015

I have already had several books published in the traditional way but I must admiot that the process was uninspiring. Meeting copy dates and keeping to publishers time tables was the easy part. Understamnding why iot took publishers so long to get books on shelves was demotivating so I took the bull by the horns and began to self publish.
Two years down the line and I wondered what more I could do and then I say an advert for a seminar - well if I could learn one thing to help me to be a successfull independant author I would be happy...
OMG I learned many things and am now beginning to see progress

If you are an existing writer or just starting out and want to make money from your books

          then visit The Creative Penn by clicking this link

          <a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to visit The Creative Penn.</a>

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Victorious Secrets

Posted by JonB Sep 21, 2015

Hey Family,


I am new to the Createspace group, but am loving it so far. My name is Jon and I recently published a book through Createspace entitled "Victorious Secrets." The book is about spiritual warfare, and I truly believe it's going to be a great tool in many peoples' lives. It is currently on Amazon, and I'm interested in getting it published through Barnes & Noble online as well. Great to be a part of the forum. Blessings. . .

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Just Saying Hello!

Posted by Poetry15 Sep 21, 2015

I am in the process of publishing my first book. I just finished writing and now i am in the editing process. I am looking to network with those who are taking the self publishing route. I feel that with the self publishing route you have more input in your book. It is harder since you have to do it all on your own,but when you are done it is all worth it.. Feel free to comment saying hello.

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Hi Createspace Writers


I have been writing for over twenty years.  I have dozens of articles published on my online blog  A year ago I completed a two year course in Creative Writing at Stratford Career Institute an online school.  It was an intense journey.  At first I thought I would finish in a year but it took me two years.  I never read so much and wrote so much in my life and I love writing.  I decided to re-write a script and the novel version of the script afterwards.  I was going to go traditional publisher, but I found out how so many writers are getting their work out faster by self publishing.  Now that my novel is complete and out on Amazon, I am on a mission to market and sell fifty thousand copies or more.  I know that sounds crazy but they say shoot for the stars and you'll atleast get to the moon.  Anyone that can help me with some tips.  I greatly appreciate any info you can give me to help me in the marketing area.  I am on a mission to succeed.

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5     After receiving some very nice feedback on my preview of Going Home, it was pointed out that the actor direction and dialogue was running into one continuous sentence and was proving a little difficult to read.  However, I have now resolved the issue and it is showing how it is meant to be read, with direction and dialogue separated.  Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments.

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I have had a passion of reading, drawing and writing. About eight years ago. Ive decided to create a book to become a published author. But due to my financial problems and trying to find a stable paying job. Instead of working when i can work and making only pocket change. So i have a limited resources and thank god for mobile browser. Thats if its a four g android phone or anything higher. Some of these sites i go to seem like a dream come true. But then things start adding up. Ive tried one resource called fast pencil. Seems great. But having to type your work out is stressless but long of you dont have wifi. Also lulu. But the ir engine support that they use drags my phone. I hope this option is a break through to my midlife crises. Because im ready to make my dream come true.


It doesnt say anything about cost. So how much it really cost after a book is complete. Plus the market industries and distributing to kindle and amazon. Thats what im scared of. Most publisher are asking for $5oo-$1000.

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