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Introduce Yourself

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Hi colleagues.

Posted by Dana-JG Nov 25, 2015

I'm (Mr.) Dana J Goulston, and about to release the 2nd. ed. of "Special Children, the Children With Special needs Guidebook", a resource and primer for parents, teachers and all those who have special needs children in their lives. The cover is being designed and the content is undergoing final editing. Be well!

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Hi my name is Melonie Loves more.  I am a new poet,songwriter, and book publisher.  I need your support and fans to purchase my book, "Soothing Words Spoken From the Hesrt" sold on create space and  Then, I will feel better about myself.  Email me at booksforsake78@ or and give me a thumbs up and comments. lol Melonie Lovesmore

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Francis Isugu

Researcher, Catalog, B2B Whitepapers & Case studies copywriter, business development consultant and content creator.

BYEACE Research Freelance Business Development Consultancy.



M: (+234)810 242 7303

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I am a 15 year old boy. I am entering into theyoung authors contest. I'm in the middle of the story but need more ideas can any one help me.

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Hello, I am new to this site.

Posted by Trin99 Nov 15, 2015

Hi, Hope everyone is well and happy and writing.


I have just published my first novel on Amazon and on Kindle.


The sales have been a bit less than exciting than I hoped. Do any of you have friends and family who have promised to buy the book when  you are finished and then no one does?


This can be a bit depressing. ( Not clinically, but more like a balloon getting the air let out of it ever so slowly). Every day I look at the numbers and they have not changed.


Bummer. Because I like my characters so much (Well most of them) and they deserve to be heard! I think....


Anyhow, the name of my book is "The House of Mourning The House of Mirth."


My pen name is Rose Malet,

I have part of the first chapter somewhere here in create space, in preview.


If you dare to find it I hope you enjoy it! And if you do give me a review of the preview!

Ta for now,


Trin 99

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Author Debut Novella

Posted by Ren1968 Nov 14, 2015

Good day to all,

I have finally published for the first time. My novella is available in print here on Createspace and soon to be an ebook through Kindle. The novella is also available at Smashwords for a free download. The process was easier than I anticipated and I was pleasantly surprised how everything has turned out so far. This was a great learning experience that I chose to take before publishing my novel in January. I decided to publish my novella in order to figure out everything I would need to know and learn about publishing. Don't get me wrong, after writing the novella I'm extremely proud of it and think it will help grow an audience for my novel. Here's to hoping! Publishing has been a wonderful experience and I feel optimistic about my future novels.

Thanks for listening and any advice from your experiences or from looking at the links below would be welcome & much appreciated.


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Posted by jperosa Nov 8, 2015


  My name is Jeanette and I just released my first novel. Its really exciting but I am not sure on the ways to promote it. I have sold about 20 some copies since it was released a week or two ago, but was wondering if anyone has any helpful advice. Thanks!

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Hello everyone

Posted by Jeffro Oct 30, 2015

I am a little late introducing myself.  I am Jeff from a small town in Kentucky, I found create space almost 2 years ago, and that's when I decided to read as much as I could about the process of self publishing.  Gratefully said by the way, because it can be rather daunting if your new and working on your own illustrations.  Thankfully, Create Space made the process so easy, I am really glad I chose them instead of any other publishing firm. 


My own personal book is a comedy, light hearted, meant soly for laughing, and not meant to be a work of literary perfection.  I wrote to have fun and enjoy the process telling my country stories things I could relate with, and relay to others.  My in person sales are pretty good, recently I walked into a local gas station not intending to sell a book, but wound up selling two in 5 minutes.  I find it hard to keep my books in stock.  I have found the community loves signed copies.  This thrills me so I sign my books for them for free, (and to the dismay of others that say "You should charge for that!"). 


I love being able to read the reviews (especially the good ones), from people that I barely know or do not know at all. For me: this has been/still is one of the best adventures I have ever had, I love to steal that "WOW" from the people around me, when they see my book.  I love the recognition (again especially when it's good LOL), the conversations are just a thrill.  I have never done anything in my life time that I enjoy as much as I have writing my book.  The name is "The Possum Family of Defiance Road", It's quirky unusual, but again it's just for fun, and so far the reviews have left me almost in tears of joy.  The private reviews are the best, "Jeff I laughed so hard I almost wet myself" from a dear friend (and English Major in College).  For myself I hope everyone has this much fun with their books.   Ok that's all I have for me, I'm so glad I found this website. 




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How do I find the pixel count in an image I have created for the jewel case for making a CD with CreateSpace.  Specifications are 2.925 wide and l,490 high but my image is rejected sisnmce it is not these measurements.


Does anyone have an answer to this problem.


I can find another image but again how do I measure the pixels to know it fits specifications before sending it?


Thank you

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Hi! CreateSpace Network

Posted by Blacksun232 Oct 27, 2015

Like most Writers I am a person who has to tell a story. I deserve all the help Ican get to get my story out to the public. But I knew I had to learn technically the craft of writing. I studied English/European Lit in college. Continued with attending GW University and the University of Georgia writitng programs. I also have traveled the world to experience life in dreadful situations. I hope I can count on my community to give me feedback on my projects.


Thank you!


G. Franklin Prue

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Greetings!  I am just now in the process of signing up to publish my first book, a book of poetry entitled, "Meandering Memories of an Old Woman".  The title is self-explanatory as to the theme of the book.


I have been writing poetry for 35 years.  I always knew I wanted to write but didn't know what.  In grade school I attempted to write poetry (thinking that it all had to rhyme) but wasn't satisfied with what little I produced.  In junior high school (what now is called "middle school) I wrote several short stories about my friends.  They didn't like the stories because I told the truth about them so I gave up on that.  By high school I was fascinated with a new notebook of lined paper and pens.  I was getting the itch to write but thought it would have to be a novel and I didn't know enough about anything to write a complete novel.


In the early 1980's, I went through a divorce which inspired many emotions.  One day I sat down to organize myself on paper and words came out of the pen in poetic form . . . much to my surprise.  I haven't stopped writing.  I've participated on two writing sites, first Writing.Com and currently,  These sites have aided in my writing skills by showing me the rough edges and offering helpful way to improve.  They have been quite helpful.


For years, I never even considered publishing my work.  However, I am now 67 years of age and in poor health.  I have been dealing with Coronay Artery Disease for the last 19 years.  Currently, I am in the Congestive Heart Failure and on oxygen 24/7.  I have survived two open heart surgeries, 15 trips to the cardiac cath lab, stents and six heart attacks.  As my heart weakens, so do I.  A lack of energy greets me every day.  One thing I can do daily is write more poetry, LOL.  I keep a sense of humor about all of this and just want to get this book published.


Next step?  I don't know!  


Glad to be here.  Thanks for listening.



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Need New Marketing Ideas

Posted by Elevationsun Oct 14, 2015

I just released my first supernatural novel out on Amazon and Kindle a little over two weeks ago.  I have sold only seven copies.  I wonder if that is good or bad?  I have four different paid promotions going and have emailed over a hundred people.   Many of the people who claim they love the idea of my book and said they were going to buy it havent yet. I need to know if  I am not being patient enough. Should I give it a while before I start wondering what I am doing wrong?  Please give me any advice on marketing.  I could also use some positive insentives for continuing the process of marketing my book.

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Posted by CEfromBPT Oct 10, 2015

Just like my first novel, (YELLOW MILL RIVER) I have returned to createspace to self-publish my second street novel, SILENT CRY: The Dirty Version. Since this is my second time around the rodeo; hopefully, I can do things different as far as getting my new book  out to the masses. Once again, I have put together an exciting street novel that  readers will both enjoy and find exciting. With YMR, I did very well in my home town. Hopefully, I can get this new one to the right eyes and the world can enjoy these exciting depictions of gangsters and hustlers. If you're looking for a love story or a feel good coming of age story; this is not the book for you. But, if you seek non-stop action and a gruesome ending you'll never forget; read SILENT CRY: The Dirty Version.

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Keeping Focus!

Posted by annija Oct 9, 2015

I find that I'm having a hard time focusing on the project at hand. I'm in the middle of revising my first book but I already have a second book that I am still drafting and the title for my third book already! Have any of you went through this?


I'm happy that my mind is overflowing with how I want my books written but I also see that I had to learn to slow down and take my time here. The reason that I'm revising my first book is because of my over zealousness. I had a more experienced author point out the most basic thing in my book that I should have noticed up front and that was the paragraghs! After I finally sat down and read my book I had to laugh at myself for rushing to put my book out there on the market to sell. Not only am I glad that nobody brought my book but this in itself is a lesson for me to learn not only to take my time and write my book correctly but to also think about the customers who would want to pay money for my product!


I'm would like to thank the more experienced authors for pointing out my errors. Not only am I taking my time in revising my book and doing it correctly but also to not be in a rush to " make a quick buck." That is not what I set out to do!

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