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Author in need of readers

Posted by RamblingRon Mar 28, 2015

I already used the phrase above on a previous blog.  Maybe I have already introduced myself as RamblinRon. If you want to know more about me I have an autobiography titled The Life and Ramblings of Ron: The Hand of God. The rest of my books are fiction, but in the same style as my autobiography.  I'm sure most of you identify with feeling like a minnow in a deep blue sea.  Some of us will thrive.  Some of us won't.  I have to remember why I wrote in the first place. My first motivation was for my children to have something to remember me by.  I'm grateful to Kindle and Create Space for their expertise and all their great help.  I know some of you maybe haven't had as great an experience with that part of the process as I have, but I can see how dedicated everyone is to doing better and look forward to all the improvements that for sure will follow.  There is so much out there for us to read.  All I can say is keep doing what you love; someone will discover it and the rest will dominoe from there. I'm still waiting for that dominoe effect, but if it does not happen, I'm still grateful to be part of something amazing; namely, the selfpublishing industry.

   My second motivation for writing is to encourage the world to live by ancient family values, if you will.  While living in the midst of such evil all around us, we need a message of hope, faith, and love.  I believe in a God who loves His creation, who wants to protect his creation, and who may call us to die for Him, but certainly does not expect us to kill unbelievers.  He will sort that all out on judgement day which certainly looks like it  may not be very far off, now.  With that said, I really hope we could learn to live together so I could live out the rest of my days here with a lot less stress.  I'm not afraid for me. It is all those innocent lives that I mourn.  Knowing that good will win no ands, ifs, or buts, I carry on with hope for a better day to come.  Sure going to Heaven will be a better day, but I think all religion was intended to make every day on earth a better day.  That at least is how I think.  Before I ramble on any further, let me say thank you for welcoming me into your community.  May you all experience success in your endeavors.  Sincerely, RamblinRon

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I am a SoreLoser

Posted by IamaSoreLoser Mar 24, 2015

I am new to the community. I am the author of SoreLoser:the secret passion within. Can not wait to interact with everyone to make this book a success.

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A Demon's Ultimatum

Posted by mike100 Mar 23, 2015

Hi.  My name is Michel Bastaros.  I recently published a horror book on createspace entitled A Demon's Ultimatum.  Feel free to check it out on kdp as well.  Thanks.

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hello everyone

Posted by MsEdna Mar 20, 2015



I am new to this community and I am just sharing that my book was purchased by my local library and I want to connect with others on how to get the word out about our books and make money!  I am willing to exchange reviews.

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editing help

Posted by LLLL Mar 18, 2015
I'm a devoted reader of the Australian author of don't tell my secret. He uses speakdoc to hear his novel to pinpoint mistakes. For15dollars Australian he can help. First chapter free.
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Posted by SlidePrince Mar 13, 2015

Is this site helping authors?

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What about my book

Posted by saxon Mar 9, 2015

This is the question I would like for someone to answer who were at one time or the other experiencing the same things that I am presently experiencing every single day, WHAT ABOUT MY BOOK? why is it not selling on the internet as other books are? Incredulous_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg

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No, I'm not from the government and you haven't been drafted into the military...  Just kidding...  That is the way we were drafted back in the 1960's.  You'd receive a letter stating, "Greetings from your Government.  You're drafted!  Show up at the induction center on such and such date."


Well...  That tells you about how old I am.  Good start, don't you think?


Before I expand upon who I am, you may be interested in what I write.  I write stories about God and Heaven.  Well, the story I've written here is about ****.  There are more similarities between Heaven and **** than you might think.  And I write stories about Jesus.  These are all fictional stories.


I'm not a Theologian and I don't care to get into Theological battles with people who think I'm full of it.  If you don't like what I write, don't read it.  If you want to give me a piece of your mind...  Don't bother.  Don't waste your time and mine.  I won't respond.  Go fight with yourself and have fun.


And that, in a nutshell, is why I write fiction and do not write Theological Treaty.  In the past, that would have gotten me burned at the stake.  I'm not into 'self barbecue'.


Who am I?  You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  No, I'm not Jesus Christ!  And I wouldn't want to be, either.  He was a very nice fellow, who just happened to be God.  It was nice of him to come live amongst us heathens for a while.  It was nice that he did for us what we could not do for ourselves.  I'm glad he did that.  I'd be last year's rotten meat if there wasn't that hope for me, personally.


I am a 'Traveler'.  My body lives in this world.  My mind does not.  Thus, I live in a 'Fantasy World' of my own creation.  However, I have not created this world by my efforts alone.  I've had help from a God, who kicks my butt on occasion when I need it...  Which is quite often.  I'm a born 'Rebel' and don't listen well to what I'm told to do.  I'm sort of like Jonah. God told Jonah to go one direction and to do a certain thing.  But Jonah went in the opposite direction.  I do that, too.


God told me to leave Eden.  Well, not the Garden of Eden...  However, Eden in North Carolina is a nice place.  But I would not go.  I was a 'scared-e-cat'...  A big chicken...  And there I was a Vietnam Veteran home from the war.  And I wouldn't turn loose of the little comfort and security I had in Eden.  Yet, I was very near suicide.


So, God kicked me out of Eden.


Well, actually, God tricked me into leaving.  Then, with me safely about a thousand miles away in Fort Scott, Kansas, He barred me from returning.  My uncle called to tell me...  The Law was after me.  I couldn't go home.


Ha!  Bet you wonder why the Law was after me!?!  Sorry to disappoint...  But it wasn't anything serious.  If it had been, when I applied for a passport in order to go to England, I'd have been arrested.


The next three years found me walking the rest of the way across America to California and ending up living in England.  I met a girl in the Sunday School class of the Baptist church I attended in Ocean Beach, California.  Her name was Carol.  Carol went to England with the military.  I followed.  She and I didn't work out.  That became apparent the day of my arrival in England.  She had not prepared for my coming to join her, as we had agreed before she left California and per letters we exchanged while I was preparing to leave America.  Wow!  That's a long sentence...  Run on much, do we?


Later, Carol was killed on her motorcycle while driving in heavy London traffic.  She was the daughter of one of the "Bowery Boys" movie actors from the 1950's.


Finding myself in London with no money, no job, no ability to get a job and nowhere to live, God supplied all this.  Well, He supplied a place for me to stay and gave me Christian friends who took care of me.  As I was in England, a place I had always admired and loved the thought of being there, I went to London Bible College.


That was another miracle provided by God.  I applied to the college in July for classes starting in early September, less than two months away.  I had no money to pay.  And I requested full time study towards a BA degree in Theology.  Plus, I wanted to live on campus and get all my meals there.


By then all students had been selected and all rooms had been assigned.  However, I guess out of curiosity, the college called me to set up an interview.  Three professors questioned me during the interview.  I told them my story...  And my story is quite unusual, to say the least...  The professors grilled me, big time!


When I walked out of the room into the hall from where the interview had been held, I thought that there was no way, 'On God's Green Earth', that those professors would ever allow me to go to that college.  I mean, would they really allow a guy with the Law after him to attend their Bible college?  I don't remember...  But maybe I didn't tell them that part...  Okay...  Okay...  So, I'm a big liar, too.


However, I was surprised to be called a few days later by the college.  Not only had I been accepted...  Not only had they told me not to worry about the money to pay them (I could pay them later, when my Veterans college benefits began arriving)...  Not only would the college provide my books and supplies...  But best of all, at the last minute, a student dropped his application to attend and the dorm room which had been assigned to him would then be assigned to me.  They gave me everything I asked them for.


Maybe I should have asked them for a better brain while I was at it!  The British school system is far beyond more difficult than the American system.  When I went to college in America, I didn't have to study much.  At college in England, I was in the library every night banging my head against the table trying to study.


During the summer break from classes, I did missionary work in Germany.


After leaving LBC, I married a girl I met in the 'House Fellowship' which had taken me in, immediately upon my arrival in England, and had provided for me until I entered college.  We honeymooned in Israel.  There's a long story about my arrival in England, which connects me to what happened in Ocean Beach concerning God's provision.  But that is a story you wouldn't believe, anyway.  So, why bother telling it.


I worked for British Airways and was quickly becoming a drunk.  Not happy working for British Airways, my brother got me a job working as a Draftsman in the nuclear power plant industry back in America.  I excelled in that work and it became my career.


Hepatitis 'C' ended my career.  I became sick and could not perform my work.  The doctor told me that there was nothing that could be done for me.  At that time, most people who were in as bad a health condition as I was in were dying.  I thought I would die, too.  I took disability from Pacific Gas & Electric, where I'd worked as a Mechanical Work Planner.  I went home to Virginia to die.


But I didn't die...  Well, obviously, if I had died, I wouldn't be writing now, would I?  Or am I writing from the 'afterlife'?  Oh, mystery...


No, I'm here and I'm healthy now.  The Veteran's administration treated me for the Hep 'C' and cured me a couple of years ago.  I still don't have much of a liver left.  But I function quite high for my age and my liver damage.  God is good.  I thank Him for everything in my life, even for the bad stuff...  Which I wouldn't want to live again...  But I realize its benefit to my view of God at this point in my aged and traveled life.


So, that's a bit of me...  Now back to what I write.  I've posted a preview here.  I was unfamiliar with the process of posting a preview.  Thus, I attempted to post the first chapter of my book.  However, since only 25,000 characters are allowed, I could only post about half of my first chapter.  Now, I see by other people's postings that maybe I should have done it differently.


Well, its done, now.  So, full speed ahead...  **** the torpedoes.


This first story, and I have a number of them, is about God's Forgiveness.  It is about 'LOVE'.  And the story is told threw the eyes of a boy who is loved by two girls.  Both want him.  However, both girls love each other as sisters, too.  They will not hurt each other.  They come to an agreement between them concerning which of them will get the boy.  And they make the boy agree to accept what they had committed to doing.  The boy loves both girls.  He has a preference for one over the other.  However, he loves both of them so much he'd marry either of them.


A tragic accident takes the boys life.  The girls react.  The scene takes place in Heaven at the time of the 'Great White Throne' of Judgment.  The boy is cast into ****.  That is the first chapter.  In the following chapters, he gives a firsthand explanation of what happens to him in **** or in 'Outer Darkness'.


There may be later surprises written into the narrative of following chapters.  If you read, I think you'll be surprised at God's 'LOVE' and Forgiveness.


And no!  I don't believe in universal Salvation.  Most of us will end up in ****.  My neck is on the line, too.


After reading my full book, some of you might wish me there...  Sorry!  I don't happen to have a spare stake for a burnt sacrifice.  And I can still run pretty fast.  Catch me if you can...


Later on, Boys and Girls!

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Hi there,

my name is Tim and I would like to say thanks for being here for me to show you these words.  I wrote "the poetic realm between wisdom and chaos" and Bare feet in the sand.  you guys should check it out, let me know what you think.  I love critics, they make me a better writer than I was yesterday.  I am a resident of Ohio from pittsburgh.  so, how about helping me put my name on the map of other known writers. and I will help you in return.  just putting that out. lol  anywho, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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Todd Netland

Posted by rainbownetland Mar 6, 2015

      Hello! My name is Todd Netland. I live in Concord, California. I am a pianist, composer, and arranger who has cut several piano CDs. I have recently published a novel on Createspace entitled Fame and Fortune Tellers, a Christian book geared toward fans of the Left Behind series as well as novels written by Frank Peretti.

This book is also geared toward music lovers, especially fans of classical and jazz music.

     The setting of Fame and Fortune Tellers is mainly focussed on the town of Orinda, a town in the San Francisco Bay Area. Randy Miller is a moderately successful choir director who meets up with a soothsayer in Placerville, California who prophesizes fame and riches to this young man. The prophecy comes true and Randy finds himself, almost overnight, a rich and famous star who travels the country performing sold-out concerts in front of many thousands of cheering fans. Nevertheless, many problems arise in his life to mar the golden pot of Fame and Fortune: alcohol and drug addiction, nightmares, and marital issues with his wife, Lila.

     Other characters appear in this book whose lives eventually entertwine with the life of Randy Miller. Brad Applebaum is a nineteen-year-old youth who is a new Christian trying to find his way in walking with the Lord. Pam Jackson is a twenty-year-old Pentecostal who is on fire for Jesus and who is a prayer warrior. Eric Burns is a radical communist revolutionary with a small group of men who are planning on how to spread the communist gospel around the world. Ted Bundy-like Darryl Temple is a drunkard, murderer, and rapist who is a total loser. Brenda Gardiner is an aged prayer intercessor who's life gets interwoven with the Elvis-like music icon.

     In the style of Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness, multiple other characters make their appearance in this novel. There are many sub plots within the main plot of this story. Many things occur in this fast-paced, cliffhanger novel: romance, humor, an evil plot against Randy Miller, and a near-death experience. The message of this book centers around the danger of getting involved in the occult, and most importantly, the saving and redeeming power of the Lord Jesus Christ who still does miracles today just like 2,000 years ago.

     I hope to get a web site going for my book soon.


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update..I am learning

Posted by Cheriedvine Mar 1, 2015


Please visit my link to get a better idea of what I am trying to do here.  I have started a funding drive on Kickstarter @ to hopefully get enough pledges so I can afford to publish my book.  Although I have written hundreds of stories in my lifetime, I never thought about publishing until my grandson encouraged me to do so.  It would be very cool to see my story in print and be able to give each and every one of my thriteen grandchildren a copy.  In this room, I am looking for feedback.  Is the beginning of my stroy catchy enough, do you think?  I have to say that I am hesitant to post too much of it because I am not sure how all of this works.  It looks like many of you are already published and are trying to gain followers and buyers for your books.  I am a true novice at nearly 60 years old.  Feel free to be honest, I can take it!  I just finished a writing class and am starting another.  I imagine I will be doing some major editing, in particular where the dialogue is concerned before I ever get to the publishing stage.  Thanks so much, Cherie

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self publishing

Posted by Cheriedvine Feb 28, 2015

Hi Anyone and Everyone,

I am what you might call a novice here.  Not to writing but to believing that I may actually be lucky enough to see some of what I write somewhere other than on my laptop or in my journal.  I am a storyteller at heart, always have been.  The little ones love it of course but have recently been pushing me to put my stories into book form or print somwhere.  I think they're afraid either or I or they will forget some of these silly stories of mine in time and since I've grown older, I am seeing the logic in that.  It is a lovely notion to think of my books being passed on to future generations.  I keep trying to promote one of my books on Kickstarter but they don't really give you a lot of time for pledges do they?  Not sure what my options are here but I do look forward to hearing some critique from others.  I posted the first 300 words of the story I am most interested in publishing under the preview link.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.  Thanks ever so much.

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Author K.L. Phillips

Posted by WordsOfWisdom1212 Feb 22, 2015

Hi I am in the process of promoting my books. I have four to choose from. One being a poetry book! All hold faith building value. They each hold wonderful Treasure's of wisdom! Conquering Through Faith, The Treasure Of Proverbs, Rise For Christ, and Life Line! Conquering Through Faith holds my testimony, which is very powerful! These books were written while I was in prison. Which is where I became an Ordained Minister! Also where I heard the audio voice of Jesus Christ. Please do not delay. It is a short but very powerful read. The cover is also astonishing! I have several more books in the making. They too should soon be available.

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New here

Posted by husoi Feb 16, 2015

Hello everyone,


another new author, starting the process of publishing (the cover is almost done . Honestly? never thought that would be so much work in a book

Doing final touch and revising text, impressive how many times I read it and there is always something wrong...

Real name is Paulo and book called Never again. amybe when I create the preview some of you will be interested in having a look.


Thank you for looking here

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You know I was told years ago that an author has to work for years to find their voice.  My creative writing instructor told me this when I took her course.  She told me she could hear my voice in my writing.  The class agreed that was a given.  Sometimes I wonder what is holding me back. 

I am a young 60 year old and when I see others who are being published at 90+ I realize that I can do the same thing with a little work.  Well, I say a little work but it takes work to publish a book but when you already have 210 items in your port it's time to make a real start.  I'm going to try regardless.  What good is it to stay on Facebook and hear so many drama queens make their statements to harm because they have nothing better to do?  What good is it to keep renting a house you inheirted only to get ripped off every few years so you have a big fight to get them out.  No more, it's my time.  How about you?

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