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Introduce Yourself

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update..I am learning

Posted by Cheriedvine Mar 1, 2015


Please visit my link to get a better idea of what I am trying to do here.  I have started a funding drive on Kickstarter @ to hopefully get enough pledges so I can afford to publish my book.  Although I have written hundreds of stories in my lifetime, I never thought about publishing until my grandson encouraged me to do so.  It would be very cool to see my story in print and be able to give each and every one of my thriteen grandchildren a copy.  In this room, I am looking for feedback.  Is the beginning of my stroy catchy enough, do you think?  I have to say that I am hesitant to post too much of it because I am not sure how all of this works.  It looks like many of you are already published and are trying to gain followers and buyers for your books.  I am a true novice at nearly 60 years old.  Feel free to be honest, I can take it!  I just finished a writing class and am starting another.  I imagine I will be doing some major editing, in particular where the dialogue is concerned before I ever get to the publishing stage.  Thanks so much, Cherie

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self publishing

Posted by Cheriedvine Feb 28, 2015

Hi Anyone and Everyone,

I am what you might call a novice here.  Not to writing but to believing that I may actually be lucky enough to see some of what I write somewhere other than on my laptop or in my journal.  I am a storyteller at heart, always have been.  The little ones love it of course but have recently been pushing me to put my stories into book form or print somwhere.  I think they're afraid either or I or they will forget some of these silly stories of mine in time and since I've grown older, I am seeing the logic in that.  It is a lovely notion to think of my books being passed on to future generations.  I keep trying to promote one of my books on Kickstarter but they don't really give you a lot of time for pledges do they?  Not sure what my options are here but I do look forward to hearing some critique from others.  I posted the first 300 words of the story I am most interested in publishing under the preview link.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.  Thanks ever so much.

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Author K.L. Phillips

Posted by WordsOfWisdom1212 Feb 22, 2015

Hi I am in the process of promoting my books. I have four to choose from. One being a poetry book! All hold faith building value. They each hold wonderful Treasure's of wisdom! Conquering Through Faith, The Treasure Of Proverbs, Rise For Christ, and Life Line! Conquering Through Faith holds my testimony, which is very powerful! These books were written while I was in prison. Which is where I became an Ordained Minister! Also where I heard the audio voice of Jesus Christ. Please do not delay. It is a short but very powerful read. The cover is also astonishing! I have several more books in the making. They too should soon be available.

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New here

Posted by husoi Feb 16, 2015

Hello everyone,


another new author, starting the process of publishing (the cover is almost done . Honestly? never thought that would be so much work in a book

Doing final touch and revising text, impressive how many times I read it and there is always something wrong...

Real name is Paulo and book called Never again. amybe when I create the preview some of you will be interested in having a look.


Thank you for looking here

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You know I was told years ago that an author has to work for years to find their voice.  My creative writing instructor told me this when I took her course.  She told me she could hear my voice in my writing.  The class agreed that was a given.  Sometimes I wonder what is holding me back. 

I am a young 60 year old and when I see others who are being published at 90+ I realize that I can do the same thing with a little work.  Well, I say a little work but it takes work to publish a book but when you already have 210 items in your port it's time to make a real start.  I'm going to try regardless.  What good is it to stay on Facebook and hear so many drama queens make their statements to harm because they have nothing better to do?  What good is it to keep renting a house you inheirted only to get ripped off every few years so you have a big fight to get them out.  No more, it's my time.  How about you?

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Mark L Baynard, the author of the new book "100 Years, A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle." The book was written as a Memoir. This is a true story of how one family wasted more than one hundred years in prison. As a teenager Mark got involved with using and selling drugs. This behavior led Mark to serve a two year prison sentence. Once released, he return to the ways of his past and ended up back in prison. Within a year, he ended up back in prison and served thirteen years. Once he was released in 2004, he took full responsibility for his past behavior and wanted to start a new life. While in the process of getting his life together, Mark realized that his family wasted more than one hundred years in prison. Mark understands that this problem is a community and society issue as well. Mark shares his journey of ending the cycle of prison and criminal behavior within his family as well as in society. This is not just another drug and street story, but a story of courage, determination love and faith. My book is in paperback on Amazon and Kindel ebooks.

I am looking forward to learning as much as possible from others. I am also willing to share my ideas and insight in order to help others as well. Let's get it started.





100 Years e-book cover v2.jpg

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Forward Unto the Breach

Posted by Invictus Feb 10, 2015

Greetings, everyone.


I'm an idiot who has been frantically attempting to write something resembling a decent novel since the age of seven. The pleasure's all mine.


I've had a stupendous number of failures over the years. Far too many short stories that disappeared into nothing; promising concepts lost to time and bad memory; good ideas wrecked by a lack of ability and determination.


Well, it's about time I got something done. I hope to make this platform the one by which I finally publish a novel, to make this my grand stage (or modest podium, beggars can't be choosers) of entry into the world of literature.


I currently have one stand-alone novel well under development and being fleshed out into chapters. I must admit to being afraid of the process of actually completing this beast, since I've no idea how badly I'm going to muck it up. It's a suspense piece using elements of the mid-1800s and high mountain lifestyles to tell a tale of superstition and fear. I have high hopes for this one, but it's going to be a challenge to finish it, let alone make it worth reading.


On the back-burners of my literary cooktop, I have a trilogy set in light fantasy, something exploring politics, human rights, and the mistakes we make with good intentions; there's also a zombie work that has been shelved ever since The Walking Dead became popular (probably going to be a never-publish, or at best, a short story in a magazine), a few metaphysical short story concepts, and a third novel idea that I feel has potential, but will require an obscene amount of research to make feasible. In short, one cook and a dozen dishes on the flames.


Well, since I don't want to make my introduction longer than my book (oh, how my ego would seize upon that ammunition), I'll call this sufficient and end with:


Hello everyone, and thanks for having me.

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My name is Charita

Posted by RRR365 Feb 10, 2015

I'm new to the CreateSpace community.  For as far back as I can remember, I've wanted to write a book and now it seems that 2015 is as good a time as any.  I look forward to learning more from those of you that have been through this process before.  I'm at Ground Zero.

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Hi. It's written. Now what?

Posted by Reviseit Feb 9, 2015

I've written 113,000 words. Some of them I've seen in other places and they were interesting. I arranged them in such a way that they convey my intent pretty well. I formatted it for Kindle and it works well. I've rewritten it several times. My last read through only detected three errors,

the use of 'it's' instead of 'its'

Present tense where it should have been past tense first person, I found this twice.

There could be a problem with the word 'Lay' in there. I think it's all fixed though.


I need a cover!! O I need it so bad. Anyone got ideas? It needs to be a great cover.


I'm rigging the book up to fit the template for a printed book createspace supplied. I'll try cover creator in a little bit, see if it can help me create a cover.


I ran into suggestions about marketing, and I am at a loss. Maybe it will sink in. It is a good book. I have readers who are waiting for the next in the series. I can't get any criticism and it scares me, someone should dislike something about it, other than the 18 year old young man who refused to read it till it was finished. He was just adamant he wouldn't read any of it till he could read it all.


We probably all ran into this situation at some point.If you overcame it, can you share what you did with the rest of us?  I just got on here, I've been writing in a frenzy for a long time, this is my third book, but the first I will try to publish.


My book? I'll put some of it out there so yall can see it if you want. A young black woman in south Alabama regains abilities to work with the earth after stifling them due to personal tragedies. The woman's name is Rosalee, that might be the name of the book.


Thanks for looking at this, and thanks in advance if you respond.

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My name is rizbahheals,

Posted by rizbahheals Feb 5, 2015


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The Candyman Series

Posted by Scianna Feb 4, 2015

This is the first book in a new series.... THE RAINBOW'S END





Come into the awesome world of Mr. Aushua, candy maker extraordinaire!


His candy is just scrumptious but be forewarned, he is a bit of an inventor and sometimes even on the side of the EXTREME.


Also meet Archie, an average boy who just happened to wonder into Mr. Aushua's estate one day. Archie has a problem. Can Mr. Aushua help him? Archie's school teacher, Miss Jens, seems to think so.


Oh and I have not forgotten to add a nasty intended villain because villains just make the story better, do they not? But even Sloshhorn is no match for the zany doings of Mr. Aushua's wonderful contraptions.



Get the physical edition here >>>



Go see the author central page for the kindle edition >>>

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I'm a author of three novels. Two of them are new releases. My first one was a little bad with the editing but on the next two I had proffesional editing done. The titles are: Unsuspected and The Art Of Living Life Like Chess.

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in Introduce myself

Posted by zawadi Feb 2, 2015


am a new writer, i live in Uganda/Africa.

Feeling lucky to be part of this big community.

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hi, everyone on


I'm happy to have finally become a self-published author through CreateSpace.


My book Poesia Amadora was written in Portuguese and will be read by Portuguese speakers from Brazil -  or from any other Portuguese-speaking country, or from anywhere else the world over


In such capacity, here am I trying to respond to the "Introduce Yourself" invitation


I am a Brazilian and I work as a freelance translator and a language teacher


I do a good deal of reading


The abovementioned book is my very first experience as an author

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well hello

Posted by dream18 Jan 31, 2015

well, here i am..sometimes i just love to write about the possibilities that could happen. for example, i always picture the possible scenarios of certain situations and then i write about them. you know when you have that what if question, i create my own what if answers.

i overthink everything and so i write. as my husband (We recently got married and i still didn't get to the fact i'm supposed to call him that instead of my boyfriend) says - my life is turning into a book. so here i am.

so far i wrote two short stories. still having hard times with my pen name and i'd like to succeed in a way that people read and like the stuff i write. so far my only reader is my best friend, who is also my biggest critic Thanks M.

but i keep on writing, no matter what.

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