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Posted by Murehwa Jun 27, 2015

Hello guys..

Am new at this kind of thing so please forgive a few lapses here and there. Am an author based in Zimbabwe and have got several soon to be published titles under my belt. Am into writing war novels and one or two novels are actually about the political confusion in my country...

Have been ravaged by life*s fickle nature. My passion for writing made my divorce after twenty- seven years of union bearable because i wrote, and wrote and didnt have time for anything else in my life... Not even grief.

Life is too short to worry to worry about little things that can neither guarantee nor prolong it. If I can get my books out and into the streets or into your computers then half my job on this mother earth will be surely done.

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Hello from Denmark, I'm new here

Posted by Povl Jun 24, 2015

I'm preparing my autobiography, The Blacksmith's Son, for CreateSpace. It is currently out on Amazon Kindle as an e-book.

I am a Danish citizen but was born in California. I have traveled widely in the world for my job and now am busy trying to be a published writer!

I have also written a biography of my parents that were from Denmark and Iowa. I have taken it (my first book) off the market for re-writing as there were a number of mistakes in it and I want to add some more text.

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Hello, everyone!

Posted by Elea Jun 20, 2015

I'm a newcomer to CreateSpace. About two months ago I published through Amazon / Kindle my first novel, "La existencia de Marte", Volumen 1. It is written in Spanish and it took me about 35 years to gather the courage to let it go. The genre is Science Fiction and, no, it's not apocalyptic.


It amazes me that when I began this novel in 1970, none of the key scientific facts I spoke about then, and discovered just recently, were even discussed in those days. Who knew?


No, I'm no scientist. I am just a ... oh, well, let's leave it at that for now. I'd love to hear from you.  My apologies if my English is not good enough, Spanish is my forte.

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Posted by SteveG0129 Jun 17, 2015

I am a first time author. My book is entitled; Between the Lines: Essentials of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

                                                                       Therapeutic journeys, improving interpersonal boundaries leading to peace of mind


i am a psychologist from Commack, New York. Web Would like to hear from other writers who have published on Kindle and  Create Space. My experience with Create Space has been exceptional. On Friday, June 19, 2015 i will receive both a printed proof and digital proof of the manuscript and complete back cover of the paperback version  of Between the Lines. Any tips on marketing would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by JesusFreak Jun 15, 2015

Hello everybody I'm new here and want to know how to write your book on here. Also some decoration tips on covers and interiors hope to hear from y'all take care.

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dear all


poet and crime writer..  i have been doing a anthology a poem a day since the 1st of january.. some eighty poems..  some are good and some are

not brilliant put it that way... creating a anthology as rare works....   of mine..   i am the real deal...



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2 yeah- yeah, ( I know EVERYONE wants a free review) but you should read this one... I created  it from my heart and think it's a winner. ['Sure' all us writers think we have winners...] < understand that too.>  but seriously, I do think it's 'acceptable' for a gander.  The Title is : The Best Present I Ever Had and I'm hoping that SOMEONE on this site knows a professional reviewer and would do a 'free' and honest review of it ... and maybe 'print it'  I don't care if it's OPRA book case / New york times / washington post / ect... (you get my point... I have NO MONEY (didn't write it for the money) Personally, I wrote it because I think it a wholesome book with family morals and can be shared and read by many parents to their children across the globe... IF I CAN GET IT OUT THERE! But, most of us realize that takes (alot of) money.

I'm looking for, not only a 'gifting', I need a mirical... {There, I said my peace}



William F. Polden Sr.

Createspace member

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Self-Reliance and the Writer

Posted by jtbleu Jun 9, 2015

Conflict is good in a novel, in a story, in a competition. I believe in self-reliance, and it appears my characters do too. Imagine that?


Which brings me to self-publishing.


Yep, I'm gonna do it. Seems the best option for someone like me--the self-righteous autodidact, getting long in the tooth, and unable to fit into a square peg.


51lHK2-7RIL__UY250_.jpgPre-Order now at amazon


I would appreciate any and all reviews. My work is quirky, meta, genre fiction with literary pretensions--and it seems to be the only way I can write.

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Greetings from J. T. BLEU

Posted by jtbleu Jun 9, 2015

Just a shout out to all the hard-working artists here. It's a pleasure to be a part of this community.


I've lingered and watched and made feeble attempts to produce things here in the past, but being a misanthrope and writer in my guise as J. T. Bleu, nothing came to fruition.


I love to read. I love to write. If I do anything else requiring charisma and social engagement, it requires another part of my brain--a part of my mind that is difficult to control.


Do I need to be understood? Maybe. Do I need to write? Yes. Will I do my best to get published here at createspace? Yes.


What next? I need to write.


Cheers all.

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Virginia Green

Posted by Virginia.G Jun 9, 2015

Nací: En la comunidad  (Afro Mexicana)  En el poblado de Santo Domingo Armenta, Oaxaca. México.

Resido en los Estados Unidos desde 1985.

Mi Pasión: Lo desconocido.

Estudio: Metafísica.

Profesión: Asistente Médico.

Trabajo por mi Cuenta.

Me desenvuelvo  muy bien en mis propios sistemas.


Por más de  cinco  años  he  escrito,  pequeños  artículos sobre conceptos  Metafísicos  y  conceptos  Espirituales en mi página Metafísica en Facebook. Dónde descubro que he sido guiada erróneamente, por mis sentimientos y mi manera de pensar.

Lo más interesante, Descubro que todos ser humano es guiado por las Leyes del Universo.

Escribir sobre estos conceptos y aplicarlos  en mi diario vivir, me ayuda  a aprender, a  meditar y a conocer mi Mente y mi Corazón, sobre todo aprendí a amarme.

Despertó el maravilloso Poder del amor en mí, automáticamente se me entrega la llave, al Paraíso, literalmente.

Por qué disfrutar, de la salud física, salud mental, salud emocional.  Es vivir y disfrutar dentro de un paraíso.

Y ahora en este libro "Yo soy el universo" te describo como puedes lograr la salud física, mental y espiritual controlando lo que sientes y piensas.




Foto Para Efren y para amazon modified.jpg



Virginia Green.


I born: In the Afro Mexican community.

My passion: The unknown.

I study Metaphysical I'm Medical Assistant.

Work on my own, Succeeds in my own systems.


For over five years I have written short Articles about metaphysical concepts and Spiritual concepts on my Facebook page.

Where I discover I Have Been wrongly guided by my feelings and my thinking.

The most interesting, I discover That All Human Beings we are  guided by the laws of the Universe.

Writing about These concepts and apply them in my daily life, it helps me to learn, to meditate and know my mind and my heart, Especially Learned to love me. I woke the wonderful power of love in me, Automatically Gives me the key to Paradise, literally.

Enjoy physical health, mental health, and emotional health; Is live and enjoy in paradise.


And now I write this book "Yo Soy el Universo" I describe to you: such as the heart and mind of a human works in perfection, in harmony getting physically, mental and spiritual health.The book is in Spanish language. I'm working to offer it to you at the English language.

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It was a great beach read 30years ago about women, work and life balance, and - sadly - things haven't changed much for us since then, so I want to get it out t while the sun is shining, but don't want to retype it and format it for submission overstepped myself. Anyone out there wasn't a quick freelance gig? Seattle area best, but fedex works too.

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Has anyone on here gone through the whole process of publishing a book with createspace?  Did you use the editing services or any of the other fee services?  I would appreciate any comments on how the process went and what you think/feel about the outcome...  I am old fashion enough to have wanted to find and agent and get my book published the old school way - through a publishing house..  So far no luck on finding an agent so I am looking into E and Self Publishing options, but many sites seem like a scam...  This seems more reliable since it is through Amazon, but I would really like to hear from those who have used it before investing too much time and energy..



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I presently live in Florida, born in the Bronx, a while back. I am excited to begin as a publisher and writer.  Ive written several books, articles and movie treatments and hope to make  living doing this.  There is much I am looking forward to learning and I thought I would start here.

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cosmic thoughts

Posted by kundalini May 27, 2015

Hi I am introducing myself as a poet and love philosophy

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Posted by cromoser May 24, 2015

     I am new to this community.  My name is Chris, and I like to write poetry.  I am considering publishing my first book.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

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