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I write shorts

Posted by philojain Apr 26, 2015

Dali's crazy asian girlfriend to the rescue, manning the passed out fire-fighter's hoe. Diluted canvas and diluted pupils, he was still basking in the turn on of the gallery being set ablaze before he could recollect. The ambulance was the first to arrive. Pacing paitiently with the water proof Google lens on, he saw it. The black cat. It was searching with it's eyes and moving towards his brush.


Alarm clock set at 9 goes off every 5. Far reaching consequences, with work unfinished. Freelancing for dummies on the other pillow, face down.


Zombie'd it to the balcony. Smoke, Drink, blush, brush, etc. The phone is still alive, huge battery mod on. Waiting, watching, staring till the eyes are fully aclimatised.


Before you know it, the waves hit. Sunshine on the face. Dust on the nose. All sorts of pollution violating the primal urge. Breakfast-hunting for now.







D-uh! Do you know of anything else than what you may have not picked up from the internet? “Me?” Just looking for a basecamp to finally summit the unatainable. The neo-web! Yeah, the story goes that the baddest hackathon just went down downtown in broad daylight challenging the very monolith that the “ISP” had become.


No one individual, rather no corporate identity could justify the monogamous relationship cultured so timidly over a much too calm century. The basics were alright; all the senses intact, however, the dreams... they were garnering a cult following.


Virtualisation of all sensation, who would have thought, possible now, outlawed tomorrow. Too many opting for euthanasia, and the doctors left not knowing what to do with the comatose remains.


Well, the inter-web-views all went well and we had some new stuff that needed to be undertaken. The team was at each other's behest.


Net within, quiet rooms till the walls, the shape of which no one really remembered or forgot. The noise was a buzzkill at times.


So, the intricate waveforms were starting to splash the not so distant continents, ones that nobody called home anymore.


The current deal was to get in and out as swiftly as time permitted without actually leaving a footprint. We're that good!


Where have all the animals gone?


Some say there is a bunch of private islands housing the not yet extinct species, while the rest of us only see pictures of what once was. Those majectic eyes we have never known that cause major turbulance if stared at for too long, those are the source to go to in troubled times.


Imagination is the offshoot of the core, the all supreme, the ever morphing one. Hate those weekends where the rich are at the “centre”, when the orgasmic state occurs for the mortally rounded off.


Inter-planetary time zones are the norm in a time when most can not even ill-afford a routine walk through the ruins. Home has been exhausted and there is the soul to play and pay with.


With our next target in sight, we zoom with all our collective resource and capture a rarity onto file. Nobody guesses these days. Everything is logical. Everything is safe. Fool's paradise. Fool's money.

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Posted by noko Apr 24, 2015

Hi! this is Aubrey from Mpumalanga, i want to publish my book can someone assist me.

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Posted by causewayrambler Apr 21, 2015

Hi everyone

my name is David and I'm new on here. I have just published my first novel on Amazon and would be very grateful if you took a look at it as I would love some creative feedback. The book is titled CLOSURE by David Magee and is a thriller set in Belfast. I have had some great feedback from my early readers but would like to expand that. Please take a look and see what you think.

Thanks for your time

and enjoy

bye for now

David M

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Posted by BrownElf Apr 10, 2015

I've just released my first full-length fantasy epic novel.

And it all feel so anti-climactic.

But there is still so much to be done.

The artwork for future promotion, the second story, a new story in another genre, it's all like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing.


I guess a writer is truly always writing, even in his or her sleep.

I just wish there was a feeling of sustained closure when a title is done.



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Still a Minnow

Posted by RamblingRon Apr 6, 2015

I may be one of those minnows that won't survive. I noticed how some authors are fawned over. From this observation I surmized, my writings may not be that good or there may not be that many people interested in what I write. Today by providence I met a good author who said,  "Just keep writing." He has no clue as to the quality of my writing. But he knew the feelings of joy as the creative juices flow.  So I will keep writing and improving.  I say all of this for those who are struggling and hoping to be discovered.  If it is great, it will snowball as you go through the steps to reach the audience ready for your creativity.  It seems to me nothing great comes without a struggle.  So to the minnows I say, "Hang in there."  The help you can get through the community can do wonders for those who have what it takes.  Keep swimming; who knows where the currents will take you. Things could be better.  RamblingRon    

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Kenneth R. Jenkins

Posted by kennyj61 Apr 3, 2015



I am new here since Feburary and just want to introduce myself. I am a first published author that is on and I am a freelance writer, poet, playwight, podcast producer/host, minister.


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Posted by POETAMIT Apr 2, 2015

Dear fellow authors & poets,


I have published a book of poems GOLDEN SHADOWS available at createsapace as well as amazon at a bit haste. But I took due diligence and caution in taking up my project for publication. This is my long days toil. I penned every line  pouring  myself into a river of tranparent waters.I believe that every thought breeds another thought and then another and then it goes on to infinity. The first line of my  book - "My shadows are getting smaller and smaller to a drop of a spherical black.........".


Please read my book and make your frank reviews which may help me to improvise my future projects.


Thanking you,

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Let's talk about Toni (2)

Posted by zjhellen Apr 1, 2015
"Peter  and  Mark  both  are  Tonis  classmates,  although  in  the  class  they  are  top  two  students  in  the  very  best  learning  club,  they  will  never give  up  playing  time......" (from <<Heart Of Red River>>)
Nobody will reject playing game, why Toni selected going home? Does that mean Toni can control his emotion? Such a good young man has potential to make something, however, he is tortured by a devil. As virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten.
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to richard

Posted by clebzz Mar 30, 2015

thanks I am one hundred percent with you on the three steps of rewriting and why it should be done.

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From RamblingRon

Posted by RamblingRon Mar 28, 2015

If you want to know more about me I have an autobiography titled The Life and Ramblings of Ron: The Hand of God. The rest of my books are fiction, but in the same style as my autobiography.  I'm sure most of you identify with feeling like a minnow in a deep blue sea.  Some of us will thrive.  Some of us won't.  I have to remember why I wrote in the first place. My first motivation was for my children to have something to remember me by.  I'm grateful to Kindle and Create Space for their expertise and all their great help.  I know some of you maybe haven't had as great an experience with that part of the process as I have, but I can see how dedicated everyone is to doing better and look forward to all the improvements that for sure will follow. Keep doing what you love; someone will discover it and the rest will dominoe from there. I'm still waiting for that dominoe effect, but if it does not happen, I'm still grateful to be part of something amazing; namely, the selfpublishing industry.

   My second motivation for writing is to encourage the world to live by ancient family values, if you will.  While living in the midst of such evil all around us, we need a message of hope, faith, and love.  I believe in a God who loves His creation, who wants to protect his creation, and who may call us to die for Him, but certainly does not expect us to kill unbelievers.  He will sort that all out on judgement day which certainly looks like it  may not be very far off, now.  With that said, I really hope we could learn to live together so I could live out the rest of my days here with a lot less stress.  I'm not afraid for me. It is all those innocent lives that I mourn.  Knowing that good will win no ands, ifs, or buts, I carry on with hope for a better day to come.  Sure going to Heaven will be a better day, but I think all religion was intended to make every day on earth a better day.  That at least is how I think.  Before I ramble on any further, let me say thank you for welcoming me into your community.  May you all experience success in your endeavors.  Sincerely, RamblinRon

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I am a SoreLoser

Posted by IamaSoreLoser Mar 24, 2015

I am new to the community. I am the author of SoreLoser:the secret passion within. Can not wait to interact with everyone to make this book a success.

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A Demon's Ultimatum

Posted by mike100 Mar 23, 2015

Hi.  My name is Michel Bastaros.  I recently published a horror book on createspace entitled A Demon's Ultimatum.  Feel free to check it out on kdp as well.  Thanks.

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hello everyone

Posted by MsEdna Mar 20, 2015



I am new to this community and I am just sharing that my book was purchased by my local library and I want to connect with others on how to get the word out about our books and make money!  I am willing to exchange reviews.

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editing help

Posted by LLLL Mar 18, 2015
I'm a devoted reader of the Australian author of don't tell my secret. He uses speakdoc to hear his novel to pinpoint mistakes. For15dollars Australian he can help. First chapter free.
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Posted by SlidePrince Mar 13, 2015

Is this site helping authors?

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