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Introduce Yourself

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Sorry, I can't believe I left that out!!

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Introducing myself to you!

Posted by rerelock May 22, 2015

Hello, everyone. This is Greachen Locklear. I am a new self-publishing author to createspace. My book just hit and barnes and nobles this month. It's a self-help inspirational book. I love reading different types of books and novels whenever I have the time. This is all still new to me. So any feedback or insight will be greatly appreciated. I started this journey with much enthusiasm, but now I'm asking myself what next. I'm a very motivated individual and I love helping people to better themselves. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and whatever role I can fill. Not trying to bore you with all that. But I do have a compassion for people. My heart's desire is to be an aspiring best-selling author and changing the lives of all who read any book that I write and publish. I'm a native of North Carolina and presently reside in Alaska. The culture is completely different but interesting. That's basically how my life has been recently, interesting.

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A great book review site

Posted by brightspirit May 21, 2015

I have been sending my book, Year of the Crystal Children out for review, as well as looking up reviewers online. I found a site that will purchase 5 Kindle versions of your book, and then post 5 unbiased reviews of your book that show up as an Amazon verified purchase. I love that idea, and so I wanted to share it with everyone. Good luck on publishing your work!

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I am a new Author

Posted by fagu123 May 19, 2015

I write recipe books. Title of my book are Nutritional Wellness Right from The Kitchen, Beverage Right from the kitchen

and From Primitive Ma's Loving Hands To Happy Hearts. My books are on sale on Amazon and Kindle.


Falguni Ved

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memoirs of my mom

Posted by wheelguyeric1029 May 19, 2015

hi all, I'm considering writing my book about my deceased mother who has been deceased since 1981, but i'm stuck on mom's early activities before she met my dad, what can i do?

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Poet Introduces Himself

Posted by kennyj61 May 17, 2015

By Kenneth R. Jenkins


Kenneth Jenkins in Southern California.jpg

I am a freelance writer, poet, playwright, devoted husband, an associate minister, podcast host/producer living in Savannah, GA.

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Posted by antonie May 17, 2015

Hi I am new to blogging .I have just had my first book published 'Family in Need by my pen name Antonie Johannson. I am attempting to get it published on Kindle via the Createaspace facility. I want to create a website liasing with other book reading people .Has any one any ideas on this or further marketing?

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Linda P./ Schmiggle

Posted by Schmiggle May 16, 2015

I have been publishing children's picture books and thought maybe I could write an adult fiction book.  I wanted something totally different and it took me several months to discover what it was.  The back of the book describes a little about how it came to be.  The book is titled, 5 Short Stories that just aren't write.  The first story: 15 MINUTES is the best of the five.  I am not sure on how to blog or even use social media.  Does anyone have any suggestions in a language I can understand?  I would also love to have the book reviewed by anyone.  It is categorized as horror, murder and sci-fi.

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My new book, Rockin' the Recipes with Chris will be releasing on July 11th at 1pm, with an event at Ashford Park, The Community Center in Brookhaven, Ga. Anyone in the area, would love to see you there.


'Sharing food with tradition, love and hope to include the world as family.'

Coloring outside the lines...


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I have a story to tell about how publishing my book came about.  This is my blog today May 8, 2015.  You can find it on my website,

or on my Facebook page today.  Rachel Jeffries International page also has it.  I hope you will go there and locate this and read the joy of how my book came about.  It is very different and unexpected things started happening and flowed together to sign contracts with publishers in 4 nations simontaneouly.  Miracles do happen!

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Posted by purplegirl May 8, 2015

Hey yall,  I am new here! just completed my book!!!!!

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First time Author

Posted by Buster7 May 6, 2015

As you probably guessed, I am new. I have written and self published an autobiography titled "Life, Is It Really Like A Box Of Chocolates?".  It is available as both ebook and paperback. If you would care to read the preview and comment, I would be grateful. My life from childhood th senior citizen has gone from happiness to devastation, but my faith in GOD has enabled me to continue.

Thankfully, Buster7

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New in town

Posted by Lee99 May 4, 2015

My name is Lee,Lee Mehl.


im new in here and thrilled to be among you.

Im here just because of a miracle.....its what you call a miracle of life.....since i was clinically dead.....but something up there thought it was not my time yet and sent me back to earth.

The story about the path throu death, coma stadium, rehablitation, finding hope and strengh in the darkest time of my life is eternally written in the story: "the two worlds of Lee Mehl",wich i have written, like most of you, from the bottom of my heart


im really looking forward to know that my experience will help many others, if i save just one soul, my suffering has been worth it.Im here, so if you happen to read my bography,please make me whinn with a compliment,it will giive me strengh and proudness





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I am excited to share ideas, get feedback, and provide assistance to other first time authors with this medium.


I am writing a self-help book about living your dream.  My target with this book is to provide my readers with tools and stories that inspire Dream Searching.  Would the world be a better place for you if you believed in your dreams, and if you chose in the direction of your dreams daily?


I was at a 7-Day intensive Consciousness Class in Costa Rica recently called, "The Living Dream", and it became clear to me that most of us do not know what our dream reality looks like, and that we don't ask for our dreams to come true.

Do you ask for, and are you living your dream?  What suggestions do you have for me that may help contribute to this book, and to helping people find their dreams?

I really appreciate any information you may have to helping me with these questions;

"What does it take to know, choose, and live our dreams?",

"What do you know, and imagine is possible that doesn't yet exist here on planet earth?",

"What would your life look like if your dreams came true?"


What other questions should I be asking that may help those searching for a different reality to show up in their lives?


Thank you in advance!



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Posted by Alexis_schreave09 Apr 29, 2015

Hello, guys. So I'm just a teenager [14], but an aspiring writer. I have written so many short stories in the past that I haven't finished. Now, my goal is to fully finish, complete with the editing and all, and to publish my work and share it with the world. Do I sound like I'm bragging? I really dont intend to; I just want you to know. 😊I mean, As I started writing, but it seems like too many ideas flow from my mind. So I would like to ask some tips on how to organize my thoughts. 😊 It would mean so much to me.Thanks in advance. XX

P.S. I'm new to create space, so I really don't know if this post will reach you.

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