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free agent

Posted by apokalypse Feb 20, 2015

My name is Eric Craig Overton. I'm a published author of King Poetic. At the time of this writing, I have 8 unpublished books and 600 poems. I have enough material to put out a book every year for 10 years, the only problem, I don't have enough money to release them. Please contact me by email

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Picture quality for cover

Posted by DangWildfire Feb 14, 2015

I have uploaded a cover picture that is 301 DPI, but the Cover program syays it is a 70 DPI picture. I had the original picture saved at a higher DPI so it would pass for high-quality printing. I cannot save cover with it reporting a 70 DPI picture. Anythoughts or ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by BenMortiz Feb 13, 2015

When I transfer my formatted paperback manuscript or manuscript in general to amazon kindle the format is all over the place. I have indentions perfect in one sentence but in the next it is about 1.5 inches further in. Any help would be nice.




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I am looking for someone who has enough experience with Createspace reviewer.


My document is in Indesign 6, it is perfect, it has been printed for 24 consecutive years.

I printed it last year with INGRAM, and I chose to print with Createspace because I liked the Customer Support better, not realizing that the review was done by a machine and that speaking to review team or technical team is impossible.


A few copies were printed with small mistakes created by Createspace way of importing my PDF. I want to make it perfecto for the next printing.

I have read all the docs, I am the author, I have no more time with this back and forth. I am in the middle of a launch.


Is there any body with enough experience on

  1. adapting the
    1. bleed
    2. gutter and succeding with the "Interior Reviewer" machine, because I have done what it says ad infinitum
  2. making sure the PDF export process is done right because Createspace, transforms parts of my text (sometimes in the same page) into boxes, it destroys my fonts.Manuscript Issues according to Review .png


I am willing to pay for this services and work with you using so we can go over both (In Design and Adobe PDF) together.


Many thanks in advance for your fast and honest response!

Createspace destrys my fonts.png

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Converting to Kindle

Posted by KarenBear Dec 30, 2014

I am having difficulty converting my book to Kindle.  The HTML version has weird symbols substituted for all my punctuation.  Otherwise, the text is fine. Has anyone had a similar problem?  I produced the original text in WordPerfect, converted to pdf, and had no problem getting the final paper copies.  Following the instructions for converting to Kindle went fine until I saw the Kindle proof, which had letters and numbers instead of normal punctuation.

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Adding page numbers for XP/WORD 2000 and XP/WORD 2003 users can be complicated.  Below is one technique to add page numbers at the bottom of the pages of a chosen document, while avoiding having a page number on the initial page.


Assure Formatting tool bar is available, if not, select View, Toolbars and check Formatting.  On the page prior to the page where page numbers are to begin: select Insert, Break, Section Break Types, Next Page, OK.

To edit the header (title/author):  On the page where page numbers are to begin: select View, Header and Footer.  The Header and Footer tool bar and the header area (box of dotted lines) appear.  The cursor is inside the header area, make certain that the header being edited indicates the newly added section, 2 in this case.

Choose: for WORD 2000, on the Header and Footer tool bar deselect the Same as previous icon.  For WORD 2003, on the Header and Footer tool bar deselect the Link to Previous icon

Enter the book title and author in the text field, e.g., Tom Sawyer/MarkTwain.  Highlight this text and select center from the Formatting toolbar

To edit the footer (page number): Click inside the Footer area, make certain that the footer being edited indicates the newly added section, 2 in this case.

Choose: for WORD 2000, on the Header and Footer tool bar deselect the Same as previous icon.  For WORD 2003, on the Header and Footer tool bar deselect the Link to Previous icon

On the Header and Footer tool bar, select the Insert Page Number icon.  The number 2 appears.  On the Header and Footer tool bar, select Format Page Number icon.  At Number Formatting, select 1,2,3.  At Page Numbering, start at 2.  Highlight this number and select center on the Formatting toolbar.  Close the Header and Footer toolbar.


Save the document as a .doc file:

Select File

Save As

Select the location where the file is to be saved



Save the document as a .pdf file:

These instructions are to convert Word document to pdf format, If CutePDF is not installed, you can install CutePDF Writer from

Select the File

Select Print

At the top of the Printer page (on the line where the printer is named), arrow down to and select CutePDF Writer


Choose location and enter the document name.pdf


PDF document is stored in the location specified above

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Need some help. I'm something of a newbie, but have created a DVD project for CS. Problem is that I can only create a video_TS file in my AVI project. It has audio, but not the audio_TS file CS requires for amazon's instant video service. Couldn't find a solution on Adobe's forum. Couldn't find a software program that rips an audio_TS file from one of my DVD's either. At this point, I'd be happy to  pay someone to get this done for me. Frustrating...

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Chapter problems

Posted by grandmaj Oct 14, 2014

I am getting frustrated. I am using 5x8 template unformatted and everything goes well until I get to Chapter 18 and then the pages become all out of sync. Chapter 18 starts on the left side, Chapter 19 and 20 in the middle of the page when I go into interior review. I have tried everything I can think of  and nothing is working.  When I go back to my original document it all looks good. Any ideas?

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Ladies: (Sorry guys, but the IWWG is just for women writers)


I've been frustrated...I've been helped through this forum...I've made mistakes and had to go back and reformat my work, my covers, my now it's time for me to help others. COME TO THIS CONFERENCE.


As a member of the International Women's Writing Guild, and as a CreateSpace author, I have been selected to do a 4-day workshop at their 37th annual summer conference. My Workshop, titled: The Art of Designing and Formatting Your Independently Published Work, will cover:


Day One: traditional vs. indie publishing (I've done both). I will discuss what it means to authors today. If you choose to be an indie author, what that will it entail and how do you move forward? (as a CreateSpace author, I'm concentrating on CreateSpace). I will strongly recommend that they use CreateSpace services--or some professional graphic artist--but if they can't afford to, then I want to show them how. (I am a graphic artist/writer/marketing specialist).


Day Two: How to choose trim size, paper color, and how to layout your printed book pages (without pulling your hair out). I will be doing a step-by-step presentation and actually uploading my newest release to CreateSpace for the attendees at my workshop. I want to make them see how simple it really is once the prep work is done.


Day Three: How to format the ms. for Kindle...this is the step with which I had the most difficulty. I think I have it down pat now, so I want to share that with others. Again, I will actually format my new book for Kindle while they watch, and upload it to the site.


Day Four: The book is ready, now what? On this last day I'll talk about the marketing aspect of selling books, the pitfalls, and the suggestions. I want them to see that they can have success. I have 25 years experience in Marketing other things, and some of the attendees may be able to run with my ideas.


IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS "MAGICAL" CONFERENCE. I only take up 1 and 1/2 hours each day...there are numerous, intelligent, and exciting workshops to choose from all day for four days.  It's being held in Litchfield, CT, at the Wisdom House from August 17 through 22. Here is the link to find out more. PLEASE CONSIDER COMING TO THIS IF YOU ARE AN INDIE AUTHOR OR WANT TO BE. At this conference last year, I learned so much. It is an environment that nurtures, coddles, and toughens authors who want to be good writers and successful authors.

Marie Murphy Duess

Author of Ashley Hall, Tears of the Willow, Joshua's Ring, and coming in September: Holding Silk.


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Several Issues

Posted by tanyujie Jul 23, 2014



I'm new to CreateSpace and I have several issues here.


1. I currently use Microsoft Works Word Processor.  I use this because I'm using my Dad's desktop and I'm not able to access his Microsoft Word.  I have to have a product number which I can't find because my Dad is terminally ill.  I understand I'd have to convert my files.  Any tips on which software to use?


2. Since I'm using Microsoft Works I'm having trouble with alternating my headers.  I would like to have my odd numbered pages headed with my book title and my even numbered pages with my chapter title.  How do I do that?</p>


Thanks in advance.



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I ordered and was told the proof copy has shipped on the 7july, but now I still haven't received my copy, is it lost in post? Even though it is shipped oversea, shouldn't take that long....? Where shall I go and ask on please?



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How much trim to add?

Posted by TomByrtes Jun 30, 2014

Hello community, I'm setting a picturebook with ID. How much trim do I have to add to a 8,5x11 (21,59x27,94cm) 200 to 240 page book with lots of bleeding pictures? Tom

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This 19-day course comes to you via your inbox once per day.  Most  sessions are short, with a daily task to be completed at the end of each  session.



Who might be interested in such a course?


    The person who has had an idea for a book bouncing around their thoughts, but never written it down.

     The person who has begun a rough draft, but unsure what to do next.

    The person who thinks it costs too much to break into publishing.

    The author who is looking for a cheaper way of getting their books out there.


Contents of this course will cover:


    Tools that cost very little to no outlay at all.

    Tips on why those tools are needed.

    Instructions on how to use one of them to prepare your manuscript for self-publishing printers.

    Links where you can download various tools

    Links leading to resources and information



The cost of the course is only $15 - purchase/sign-up link for this course is:



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Can anyone help? I need to add header & pg# to a current doc, diff. header for odd/even & pg# to start on page 7. I have edited and deleted the header & pgs above and this deletes everything else. What am I doing wrong?

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Margins Updated

Posted by LindaLinda Mar 31, 2014

Hi, I want to share my experience with margins for my book a 5 x 8. The first time I finished my book,  A Basketball Adventure the margains that was on the website for that size book worked fine. No problems. Then after I received my proof book I made changes and the margins were a mess. The sizing was off big time. After a long time of frustration and stress I decided to check out the template. I found out that the template margins, headers footers were sized completely differently from what is on the website for different size books.


It seems that everytime I think I have something down pat something else happens. My new book I am working on How to Fight Medical Insurance the margains were set up correctly for a 6 x 9 book. But for some reason the margins were ragged and not working in the book. I took the ruler and moved the line back. The entire document moved back. Now it is lined up correctly so when I upload it to Createspace it doesn't say margins incorrect. Try it. Let me know what you think?

I hope that this confusion is changed and the correct margin sizes is updated on the website.

Thanks for listening. Linda Meckler

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