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Learn the Basics

Basics of Book Marketing

The world of marketing can be tough to navigate, even for seasoned pros. If you're new to book marketing, these basics will help you get started.

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10 Ways to Market Your Book

Pressed for time? These 10 suggestions for book promotion are some of the most widely used marketing tactics. Pick and choose activities, and set your own pace.

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Guide to Targeting an Audience

Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Read this author's take on identifying, understanding and targeting an audience.

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Develop a Plan

Developing a Marketing Plan and Strategy

Good marketing starts with a plan. What are the elements of a solid plan and strategy, and how can you apply them to your title? Find out here.

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Genre-Specific Plans

No two books are alike, so every author's marketing plan will be different. Use the ideas in these genre-specific plans to map out marketing activities for your unique title.

More Resources

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The Hub & Outpost Method to Organize Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is indispensable to today's indie artists, but social media by itself is just one tactic in your overall marketing strategy. Read this article for tips on approaching social media marketing.

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