Refine your pitch at Pitch 2.0.

  • Pitch 2.0 is a free live event on December 7, 2011, where you can learn why a pitch is an essential part of book promotion, discover how to turn a good pitch into a great one, and learn about CreateSpace and Amazon author tools.
  • After an opening educational panel discussion, registered attendees will be able to pitch their book and receive instant feedback from a panel of experienced book editors and fellow authors. You’ll come away armed with concrete, actionable feedback you can use to craft a persuasive pitch for use in your book description, back cover text and query letters, as well as in sales pitches to book stores, publishers and customers.
  • Even if you’re not ready or able to share a pitch, this event will still help you gain a greater understanding of the ins and outs of the publishing industry, and help you decide which option is right for you.
  • We're sorry, but registration for Pitch 2.0 is now closed. To learn more about refining your pitch, please browse the Pitch Resources to the left.

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Pitch 2.0 Editors and Authors

We’ve assembled a panel of experienced editors and authors, from both traditional and independent publishing backgrounds, to speak and provide pitch feedback. These industry experts look forward to sharing the evening with you.

  • Alan Rinzler Alan Rinzler

    A veteran publishing insider, Alan Rinzler has edited and published works by Toni Morrison, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Robbins, Shirley MacLaine, Clive Cussler, Andy Warhol, Robert Ludlum, and many more.

  • Joel Friedlander Joel Friedlander

    Joel Friedlander is an author and the proprietor of Marin Bookworks, a publishing services company that’s helped launch many self-published authors. He blogs about book design, writing and self-publishing at

  • Kimberly Derting Kimberly Derting

    Kimberly Derting is the author of the Body Finder series (HarperCollins), which are as much coming-of-age romance as they are paranormal thrillers, and the dystopic-fantasy trilogy, beginning with The Pledge (Simon & Schuster).

  • Jason Black Jason Black

    Jason Black is a book doctor who specializes in developmental editing for novelists through lectures, workshops and classes. He recently led the pitch doctor segment of the 2010 PNWA Summer Writers Conference.

  • Nathan Everett Nathan Everett

    Nathan Everett is a writer and publisher in the Pacific Northwest. He has been involved in the publishing industry since the early 1980s as a publisher of trade journals and magazines, and as a trainer and designer of publishing software.

  • Ingrid Emerick Ingrid Emerick

    Ingrid Emerick has been in book publishing for nearly twenty years as an editor and author. She is the co-editor of a number of successful travel titles, including Gifts of the Wild: A Woman’s Book of Adventure (Seal Press).

  • Nancy Wick Nancy Wick

    Nancy Wick is an award winning writer and editor who specializes in character-driven novels, memoirs and psychology/self-help books and books about spirituality. She currently operates the editing service Enlightened Edits.

  • Jeff Ayers Jeff Ayers

    Jeff Ayers is an author, book reviewer and regular contributor to a variety of publications. A long-time board member of the PNWA, he has chaired their annual Writer’s conference and taught classes on pitching and query letters.

  • Karalynn Ott Karalynn Ott

    Karalynn Ott is an experienced editor and a partner in Verve Editorial, a comprehensive editorial service for authors that specializes in developmental and substantive editing of fiction and nonfiction works.

  • Lori Stephens Lori Stephens

    Lori Stephens has a background in communications that spans 25 years and the full spectrum of content development, writing, editing, and publication management. She has published three titles and is the founder of Verbatim Editorial LLC.

  • Deb Taber Deb Taber

    Deb Taber is the Senior Book Editor at Apex Book Company, an award-winning small press. Her editing experience includes fiction and nonfiction for national and regional publishers.