5 FREE Ways to Advance Your Publishing Project

Whether you're looking to get feedback on your manuscript or you're ready to start publishing, CreateSpace offers a wealth of free tools and resources to assist you. Here are 5 free ways CreateSpace can help you advance your writing or publishing project:

Get Feedback
Use CreateSpace’s Preview tool to display and share a portion of your work so others can provide feedback, including answers to specific questions you pose. Add a sample cover to enhance your Preview!


Build a Cover Online
Use the CreateSpace Cover Creator to build a snazzy, professional book cover online.  Now easier than ever with enhanced templates and an Image Gallery featuring 2,000 images available free of charge!


Network with Other Authors
Get advice from on everything from plot development to manuscript formatting to marketing tips in CreateSpace’s happening online Community.


Get in the Know
Access a wealth of free publishing resources, including articles, web seminars, blogs, and video tutorials.


Start Publishing!
Use CreateSpace’s free do-it-yourself tools to publish and sell your book across a broad distribution network. Simply upload your book files, select your sales channels, and start selling!



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