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5 Free Ways to Advance Your Publishing Project

  • Get Feedback: Use CreateSpace's Preview tool to display and share a portion of your work so others can provide feedback, including answers to specific questions you pose. Add a sample cover to enhance your Preview!
  • Build a Cover Online: Use the CreateSpace Cover Creator to build a snazzy, professional book cover online.  Now easier than ever with enhanced templates and an Image Gallery featuring 2,000 images available free of charge!
  • Network with Other Authors: Get advice on everything from plot development to manuscript formatting to marketing tips in CreateSpace's active online Community.
  • Get in the Know: Access a variety of free publishing resources, including articles, web seminars, blogs, and video tutorials.
  • Start Publishing: Use CreateSpace's free do–it–yourself tools to publish and sell your book across a broad distribution network. Simply upload your book files, select your sales channels, and start selling!

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"Taking a close look at the available options, CreateSpace offered the best value, process, and royalty structure… Plus, I resonated with the DIY ethos of CreateSpace, which lets me retain creative control."
- Michael Margolis
Author, Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto
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